Posted on January 30, 2024 by Dennis Salazar

Inside Printing on RSC Style Boxes

Perhaps in an effort to minimize cost, you are already using RSC style boxes to replace the use of higher cost die cut mailers. Or maybe this is a change you are considering in 2024?

It is a very attractive option because depending on box size, the potential savings can be substantial, as much as 30 to 60%. At a time of rising costs, RSC savings can more than offset an increase in shipping, inventory or fulfillment costs.

Why don’t more DTC and subscription boxes use RSC boxes?

After discussing this with hundreds of clients and customers, I can say with all certainty that appearance is the reason most brand owners avoid using RSC boxes. They prefer die cut mailers because compared to RSC style boxes, mailers typically deliver a better presentation and can be printed in more attractive colors and formats.

However, companies like Salazar Packaging are now offering several new, attractive print options including low cost inside printing.

What are the limitations of inside RSC printing?

None. The fact is that just about anything you can imagine, we can print. A few potential options for you are:

  • Flood coats (edge to edge solid printing)
  • Overprints on top of flood coats
  • Up to 4 color printing inside and/or outside
  • Full or partial litho labels on the box exterior
  • White board interior or exterior
  • Thinner fluting for a more decorative, less industrial finish
  • Printing on interior packaging such as inserts and dividers


How do we get started?

With a brief, no cost, no obligation phone call at 630-551-1700, or you can contact us through this website. We help customers develop hundreds of new applications every year, so our people are sure to be able to help you with yours.

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