Most FAQ’s About Custom Packaging for E-commerce.

Are your boxes manufactured domestically or are they imported?

100% of ALL products we offer our customers are made in the USA. That is true of all boxes and/or cartons, no matter what printing process is best for the desired colors and graphics.

Do you offer any retail/display packaging or non-corrugated solutions?

We do offer a wide variety of alternatives to corrugated packaging, including rigid-wall boxes and paperboard packaging. The best solution will depend on the product and the individual application.

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What are your eco-friendly/sustainable packaging options?

We are a green-minded packaging company, and we offer a wide variety of solutions and products that are both made from recycled and PCW content, and are 100% recyclable. FSC certified board and other options such as resealable and reusable packaging are also available.

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Can you print white ink on kraft corrugated board?

Yes, we absolutely can. We pride ourselves in being one of the only companies around that can not only print white, but do it effectively with great results.

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When is the best shipping alternative, NOT a box?

Custom printed mailer envelopes can be the best option when the products are soft goods such as clothing. Or when they are thin, low profile and lightweight such as books, and some personal care items.

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What is the difference between custom and semi-custom boxes?

Typically, a semi-custom box is one we already have tooling for. So, the size and features are predetermined, however it can still be custom printed with your own graphics. A custom box can be one that is a unique size or even a custom material. Your Salazar Packaging branded packaging advisor can help you determine which is the best option for you.

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Which is the best printing process for my box? Flexographic, digital or litho label?

It totally depends on your artwork and order quantity. Unfortunately, some of the most attractive graphic designs are nearly impossible to print with our most common and least expensive flexographic option. What makes sense and is affordable at 10,000 boxes, is not so at 1,000.

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Our product is extremely fragile, and we are experiencing an extremely high damage and replacement rate. Do you have a stock solution for applications like ours?

As a leader in glass packaging, we can tell you there are no “stock” designs. We do however have well proven, standard designs that we tweak to fit your products perfectly.      

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Can I purchase only e-commerce product inserts if that is all I need?

Unfortunately, the only way we can feel confident about the fit and performance of a box and insert is if we make both items.

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