Posted on March 8, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

Glass Product Packaging for E-commerce– nobody does it better

Presentation and Protection for Glass Product Packaging

If you are a Carly Simon fan, you may recall her Grammy award winning 1977 song titled, “Nobody Does it Better”. Most Boomers like me also remember it is the theme song for the classic James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Nobody does it better is not our slogan or tag line, but it does reflect our approach to package design in general, and more recently, specifically for bottles, jars, and other primary glass containers. For example, we have been creating primary and secondary packaging for glass candles for over a decade, but now glass has become the preferred container for everything including personal care products such as creams and cosmetics as well as many forms of food including pasta sauces, olive oils, hot sauces, condiments, honey, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, syrups and just about anything you can possibly put in you or on you.

The challenges of glass products and e-commerce

The greatest challenge in glass product packaging obviously is that glass breaks and cracks, especially during a cold winter like most of us have endured this year. There are a variety of caps and closures ranging from perfect seals to not always secure plastic caps. Weight shifting with some types of products and the relatively high density of some glass containers can make them vulnerable to drop shock transfer. Multiple products in the same box (example – 3 jars of condiments) are subject to internal, product to product damage.

We back up our claim!

When we say nobody does glass DTC e-commerce applications better, it is not just bragging without merit. The fact is we’ve designed solutions for hundreds of glass applications. We can confidently tell you whether a specific solution is going to work, and we have the drop test and ship test experience to back it. We also encourage you to conduct your own ship testing until you are totally, 100% satisfied with the results.

Is protective packaging for glass containers expensive?

endcap and clam shell design for glass jars by Salazar PackagingIt really depends on how you are comparing. If you are comparing the price of our custom size box and custom insert to the price of a stock RSC box, yes, we are going to be more expensive. If you add the cost of void fill required by the RSC, or the foam, bubble, or wadded paper, the cost differential gap narrows quickly. When you add the labor required by those other protective products, we usually result in a net savings. We are not even going to get into the replacement costs resulting from a glass container that breaks in shipment.

The glass product unboxing experience

We have often written about the need for balancing protection and presentation. (see first related post below) We are a pioneer in DTC, e-commerce packaging and as early as 2007, we recognized that the package design had to look good to the consumer as well as get it there in one piece. Have you ever opened a box of glass items and essentially found a box full of loose fill or products individually wrapped in bubble wrap or bags? Impressive, huh?

Compare that to opening one of our many custom printed designs that reveal the product in an attractive, custom design insert or tray.  Our end cap design has proven highly effective and allows excellent product visibility when the shipping container is opened by the customer. Our unique clam shell design features a top protective section that rises with the lid when opened, providing a great, 100% unobstructed product presentation. These are just two basic design types we offer that can be adjusted to your specific product glass container. Or we can create a totally new and different design that best fits your product(s). In either case, our industry low 1,000 MOQ still applies.

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We are quite confident our claim that no one does it better is justified with over a decade of experience and hundreds of applications over the course of our 13-year history. All I can say is “try us”. Search our blog and check out our gallery where you will see many more examples of our work.

Call us at 630-551-1700 or through our primary web site . Our experienced branded packaging advisors are waiting to help you solve your glass packaging packing and shipping damage issues. Less labor, a cleaner presentation, fewer damage claims, great looking printing inside and out, and probably an overall lower cost per unit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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