Interior Protective Packaging Solutions

As one of the first companies that ventured into subscription and direct to consumer boxes using sustainable packaging solutions, it stands to reason that we were also instrumental in developing custom protective packaging. Afterall, what good is an attractive, custom printed box if the product inside arrives damaged? Or if the product is shrouded in bubble, foam, or loose fill products such as foam peanuts, or shredded paper?

Over ten years ago we started talking about the importance of “presentation and protection”, convincing the market that they did not have to pick one or the other. With proper “intentional” design, you can accomplish both using one of our many protective packaging solutions.

Die Cut Inserts

If we are best known for producing beautiful custom printed boxes, a close second is our incredibly creative die cut inserts. All of our protective shipping materials are custom designed to immobilize the product within the box, without obstructing the product view when the box is open. In other words, our clients are able to protect AND present their products to their customers, delivering that much desired, impressive “unboxing experience”.

Whether you are shipping one individual product or a dozen, varying dimensions and heights can be accommodated with our protective packaging supplies. We can also create multiple inserts to fit within the same box, to help reduce individual cost and packaging SKUs required on hand. Anything from precious, expensive jewelry to live green plants, we can probably develop a versatile, effective packing protection solution for you at the lowest possible cost.

Dividers and Partitions

Like most everything we work on, these protective packaging solutions are application driven. There are a dozen different reasons to create separation between products being shipped, ranging from fragility to label abrasion. In some cases, a light paperboard partition might handle the application, and in others a double wall, divider is required to separate one heavy component form other, lighter weight, perhaps more vulnerable items. What we can tell you is that most interior box packaging designs are relatively inexpensive, available preassembled or easy to assemble, and usually surprisingly low in cost.

Engineered Corrugated Solutions

Multiple layers of corrugated board can be laminated together and even molded to create unique board configurations for unusual applications or products. These interior packaging solutions can be created to make excellent corner or edge protectors and when single face is used, they can wrap around oval and round products as shown in the attached photo. This results in excellent packing protection and a huge labor savings when compared to hand wrapping or other void fill products.

Molded Pulp or Foam Interior Packaging

We offer these protective packaging options for very specialized applications, when an engineered or die cut corrugated solution is not the best solution. Application, order volume and budget for tooling costs, all help to determine if foam or pulp are viable options. After reviewing hundreds of applications, we have determined that most can be satisfied with a die cut corrugated insert at a substantially lower cost. Allow us to review your product and objective. Our recommendation for protective packaging materials may surprise you and save you money in the process.

Combining Corrugated and Paperboard for Optimal Results

Most companies in our industry, either specialize in corrugated board or paperboard. We do both, equally well so there are times and applications when the two different substrates can work together to satisfy a requirement that neither could possibly accomplish alone. In many cases, we have combined corrugated shippers (for strength) and paperboard inserts for complex printing requirements. The application shown in the photograph is an excellent example where paperboard is allowing print quality that could not be accomplished on a corrugated substrate.