Regular Slotted Containers

They may be the most basic form of DTC packaging, but with Salazar Packaging’s help, regular slotted containers don’t have to be boring. With our expertise and advanced capabilities, you can have RSC boxes for your products that offer excellent protection during the shipping process and offer your customers a unique unboxing experience. Our commitment to sustainability also means you can have peace of mind knowing your packaging will have as little impact on the environment as possible. When you choose to work with us, even the simplest box form factor can be made into an opportunity to connect with your customers — our RSC cartons are proof of that.

Fully Customizable Designs

RSC-style boxes are by far the most common form of corrugated packaging in the world. With four flaps on the bottom and top that are folded inward and sealed with tape, this design ensures easy packing and doesn’t produce as much wasted material as other box types. Our expertise with RSC cardboard boxes means we can offer standard sizes or provide you with custom dimensions that will be the perfect fit for whatever goods you will be shipping.

Although their construction is relatively simple compared to die-cut mailers and other forms of DTC packages, that doesn’t mean your RSC corrugated boxes have to look simple or basic. We give you plenty of options when it comes to customizing your RSC shipping boxes, including everything from ink color(s), board color, board grade, and more. We also can print custom designs on the outside and the inside of your boxes, giving you the opportunity to wow your customers with your branding from the moment they see the box on their doorstep to even after they unpack their orders.

Built for Protection

Our RSC solutions give your products all the protection they need while in transit. The durable and sturdy construction they feature means you can feel secure knowing your items will reach customers in the ideal condition. We also offer a number of choices for thickness so you can select the materials that will deliver heavy-duty performance when you need it. Custom inserts and partitions provide added security to prevent items from rolling around loose inside your boxes, as well. Delivering your goods undamaged is critical for ensuring customer satisfaction and cutting down on returns that eat into your bottom line.

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Consumers are more concerned about sustainability than ever before, and we’re the partner you need to help you meet your customers’ expectations. When you choose our RSC, your business receives one of the most sustainable DTC packaging options available. These are fully recyclable and are much more eco-friendly than many other types of packaging. With Salazar Packaging working by your side, you can appeal to ecologically conscious customers and build your brand.


Why Work With Us?

We understand e-commerce brands have limited opportunities to make a strong impression on consumers. That’s why we’re committed to providing customized packaging solutions that set the bar higher. We provide you with RSC cartons and boxes that go beyond the ordinary to grab your customers’ imaginations and build a stronger connection with them. If you want to learn more about what makes us your go-to RSC company, reach out and discuss your needs with one of our representatives today.