Posted on December 21, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Packaging Glass Economically

We Offer a Host of Options for Green Packaging of Glass Products

We Offer a Host of Options for Green Packaging of Glass Products

Even before the yearend packaging industry numbers are in, I feel fairly confident predicting the glass segment had a great year in 2009. Glass has a quality, clean and green image that today’s sustainably minded consumer really likes. It’s retro but as effective as ever and it fits organic products like a glove.

Eco Consistency and the Organic Products Industry

Organic manufacturers tend to understand their customers better than most. They realize their customer who seeks out and buys what can be a substantially more expensive organic product, does not want to see their purchase packaged in a plastic bottle or container. If that consumer was willing to make that type of compromise, they could almost certainly find a comparable non-organic product, closer to home and for less money. The organic customer definitely has higher standards for products and the packaging they come in.

Glass Packaging Experts?

I am not sure that is a claim I am willing to make but I do admit there are probably few packaging companies able to provide a better or broader selection of the excellent eco friendly products we have accumulated and offer our customers. I also feel very comfortable claiming that we have done more ship testing of our products and understand the science and art of shipping glass products via truck, UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Also, last June as we started down this path, Sustainable Is Good published an article I wrote on the resurgence of glass packaging. These articles may not make us experts, but it sure shows we are experienced.

The Widest Variety of Green Packaging Products for Glass

That is what makes us unique. We are not a single solution provider and we know how to properly use a combination of products to deliver the best, greenest and lowest cost results. As an example, we offer partitions as one possible glass packaging solution but that is far from everything we sell. We also work just as easily and capably in paper board as we do in corrugated board. That sets us apart from companies who “specialize” in product while we specialize in solving problems.

Sustainable packaging is a complicated world but we make it easy and we also make it affordable. Bring us your challenge and allow us to show you what we can do.

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