Posted on June 14, 2024 by Dennis Salazar

Inside Sustainable and Branded Packaging -16th Anniversary

Sweet 16 is a great basketball term you hear often during the NCAA basketball tournament, AKA “March Madness”. It is also commonly used to help celebrate a young girls birthday and transition into womanhood. There are some great and fun things associated with the term “Sweet 16” and we are very pleased our web blog has reached that same milestone.

To be frank, back in 2008, I never anticipated celebrating the 16th anniversary of our new packaging blog. I was certain we would have run out of material and topics, after a year or two at most. I could not have been more wrong. My writing partner Michael Boik has joined me in contributions after we merged our Globe Guard Products blog together with Inside Sustainable and Brand Packaging, found here at our web site. So, we are very proud to have two experienced packaging industry veterans creating and sharing knowledge with you, our readers.

DTC Packaging Education and Total Transparency

As we have written many times, our customers tend to be incredibly smart in their specific areas of expertise. That may be foreign sourcing gurus, web marketing pros, product design experts, etc. However, most do not have a strong e-commerce packaging design background which is where we come in.

Our blog has served as a great “go to” source for unbiased opinions and information. If we do not offer a specific packaging type, we will tell you and even explain why we choose to not recommend it. Sometimes it is difficult to sort through the millions of tidbits of information on the internet, so our number one goal is clarity. We do not want to add to the confusion or minutia and provide our website visitors with the straightforward answers and guidance they seek.

E-commerce Packaging Experience      

Here is the part that sometimes makes us feel very, very old but my co-writing partner, Mike Boik, and I have nearly sixty years of combined experience. When you add Lenora, my wife/partner and company president, the combined years of experience pushes 90 years. That is not just writing experience, that is application evaluation and design experience. You don’t have to be a packaging expert, because we are! Literally thousands of applications reviewed with millions of boxes and envelopes produced for many e-commerce household names. I hope this is not perceived as bragging, because that is not the objective. It is to give you a comfort level, knowing that you can focus on the rest of your business and details, because we can help you through this part of the project. Check out the first related post below; it’s one of my favorites.

Try us, you’ll like us.

Our phone number is 630-551-1700 or you can contact us through this web site. There is absolutely no obligation to phone or web chat with any of our talented staff. Our local (Chicago area) friends and customers are always welcome to our Oswego, IL design headquarters. Let us know if you have any questions at all, about us or the work we have done in the past for others.


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