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Shark Tank Praises Salazar Packaging Design

Since 2007, there has perhaps been no packaging company that has worked with more startup, up and coming entrepreneurs, brands and companies than Salazar Packaging. We were ahead of the DTC/ecommerce custom packaging boom, and we continue to be an industry leader today of green, sustainable custom packaging. Shark Tank first aired in 2009, and in the past 15 years our packaging has made many appearances in many forms on the show. It’s always great fun to catch one of our customers showing up on an episode, and it’s even better to see our packaging design concepts being met with high praise from any of the sharks and being recognized as a strong point of their business. If you’ve ever seen an episode, you know that this is not always the case, and the sharks are not easily impressed. In fact, many times the packaging is a point of weakness or a focus of criticism for not best representing the company/brand or what the product is or does.

We trademarked the slogan “Packaging that Communicates” for a reason. We believe strongly in the concept that your packaging is your most effective way to reach your customers and deliver your message about you and your products.

As Seen on Shark Tank

If you have spent any time browsing our gallery, you probably recognize some brands there that you may have seen on Shark Tank over the years. The single greatest contributor to this is likely the show’s prominent focus on so many D2C (Direct to consumer) businesses. Many of the sharks seem to shy away from retail-focused companies, as the margins for online-based business are typically high enough to entice the investors to see a path to multiplying their investment. If you’ve seen the show and ever wondered, “How do I get packaging that looks like that?” or something similar, we likely have an answer for you. This is what we have done for over 17 years.

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Unique Packaging Design Challenges

In a recent episode featuring an organic plant food company called, Arber, guest shark, Candace Nelson was very complimentary of the packaging design and appearance, saying “The packaging is beautiful. I just felt like I was opening a special gift when I opened this box.” This is the reaction/sentiment we love to hear, as it fully captures the essence of the unboxing experience.

This was a fun packaging challenge, designing a custom corrugated mailer with a unique opening and closure style, as well as various insert components that can hold up and withstand shipment. The mailer is an ideal size, shape and style that lends itself to a showcasing of the product when opened, while also safely traveling when closed. The corrugated insert serves to protect and hold the product, while the paperboard inserts serve as prime real estate to discuss and outline the product features. As we have said many times, we are a one-stop-shop for packaging, and this is a prime example. The paperboard and corrugated combination is beautiful when done well, and they can be quite complimentary.

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Hearing compliments from popular television personalities is great, but nothing beats hearing direct feedback from our customers. We are in the problem-solving business, and when we work with companies to solve their biggest packaging challenges, it really is rewarding.

Do you have a unique packaging challenge? Are you an up and coming company ready to take the custom packaging leap? Contact us for a no charge no obligation review and let us help you take the first steps.


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