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Lenora & Dennis Salazar

In February of 2007, with nearly forty years of combined packaging industry experience, my wife, Lenora, and I left two lucrative jobs to start our own packaging business, Salazar Packaging. We soon realized the severity of the economy we were facing but we were committed to creating a packaging company that was part of the economic and environmental solution, rather than part of the fast growing problem. We soon gained recognition from both the packaging and sustainable communities for the work we were doing.


A few years later we realized that being “green” was an important part of many companies’ “brand” but they often had multiple and varying messages they were eager to communicate to their customers. With the surge of e-commerce and specifically subscription packaging, we quickly became a national leader in helping others promote and reinforce their brands, green or otherwise.


15 years later, Lenora and I as well as our staff and manufacturing partners, are proud to serve thousands of both very large and very small companies who did not have to choose between saving money and doing the right thing in terms of the environment. We have also helped many of them maximize their brand presence and enhance their customer experience at minimal cost with a unique process designed to save time and money.


We invite you to contact us for a confidential, no cost review of your packaging usage. Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results and packaging we can help you create.


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Dennis Salazar
CEO and Co-Founder
Salazar Packaging, Inc.
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