Posted on November 15, 2023 by Dennis Salazar

Custom E-commerce Packaging – Rest easy. We’ve got this.

“We’ve got this” is possibly way overused. I recently saw the sign shown in this post in the waiting room of a body shop. I was waiting for an estimate on my wife’s car, long story.

I smiled at what has almost become a cliché but reading the sign did instill a sense of confidence in me. Knowing very little about auto body work, I felt like I could trust the company I was dealing with. All that from a little sign hanging on a wall.

Trust in DTC Packaging

Why is this phrase so effective and so widely used? The Webster’s web site tells us the two most common definitions for the word TRUST are as follows:

a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

b: one in which confidence is placed

When I need a solution that is out of my own area or expertise, heating and air conditioning is a good recent example, I search for a person or company I can trust. I need that reassurance that the person I select for the job knows much more and is capable of providing the service I need at a competitive price. That is what we strive for at Salazar Packaging.

Are we trustworthy?

Everyone at Salazar Packaging is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations every day. That is an easy claim to make, but our record speaks for itself:

  • This year we celebrated our 17th We are blessed to have survived the Covid epidemic and a major economic depression, soon after we launched in 2007.
  • We have served hundreds of customers and helped to create thousands of designs, including many custom designs for unique applications other companies turned away.
  • On average we produce over five million boxes per year. Most are die cut mailers for e-commerce, some are RSC style boxes, but ALL of them look great!
  • We are an acknowledged leader in sustainable, eco-friendly DTC packaging.
  • Our design services are creative and innovative. Our pricing is always competitive.
  • We have created packaging for some of the biggest names in e-commerce and we are proud to say many have been our customer for over ten years. THAT is a testament to our consistent quality and service.

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Back to the Rest easy. We’ve Got This sign.

If it helps actual and potential customers feel like they can trust us to do a good job for them, then I am all for this popular, catchy slogan. We will determine how and where to share this slogan with anyone who ever enters our facility so they can be filled with the same sense of comfort and confidence I felt when I saw it on display.

All promises aside, the only way we can prove this to you is by showing you. Contact us for a free, no cost, no obligation application review. If we feel we can’t help you create the best packaging at the lowest possible price, we will tell you. Call us at 630-551-1700 or email us via this web site.

E-Commerce Packaging? Rest easy. We’ve got this.


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