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If you are a very lucky person, you may be able to find a stock packaging solution for your unique product packaging. Packaging sourcing is easy when you have standard products shapes and sizes, and you are shipping them out in popular counts, with readily available packaging components such as partitions, boxes, inserts and/or dividers. There are hundreds of companies on the web who can provide those items to you in small quantities because they are in stock on the shelf, ready to ship to you.

Solutions to Packaging Challenges.

This is what we do and if it was easy, everyone would do it. Challenges come in many different forms. It can be that you want to sell a three pack, while everyone else offers a standard 4 pack. Or maybe your product is especially fragile, or just an inch longer than an available stock box size. Perhaps your application demands a partition with a perimeter air cell, so a standard box size will simply not work. Or maybe you just want your product presented better than any of your competitors, which may include custom printing inside and outside of your shipping container. What you need is a structural design team able to accommodate your non-stock, non-standard requirements.

What is Structural Packaging Design?

It is often times confused with graphic packaging design and we describe the difference simply as graphic design is basically all about surface appearance. The artistic design, number of colors, etc., but focused on how the package looks.

Structural design, however, is much more complicated. This is about how the package works. This includes how it ships to the packaging operation. How it is erected or formed, and what features the product and application require. For example, hold down tabs, slots, perforations, or holes on the internal packaging to make it easier for the receiver to open. Structural design also includes critical things like size, board grade, as well as board type.

Free Advice is Usually Worth What You Pay for It.

That adage is usually accurate but not in the case of our packaging structural design service. For the last sixteen years we have been producing millions of boxes per year for hundreds of customers. We have reviewed applications and, in most cases, solved packaging problems. That huge number of customer applications and experience has provided us with many successes and even some failures.

When is Our Design Work Not free?  

Very, very rarely. When we review your requirements with you, we have a fairly good idea of how much time the design process is going to take. Our minimum in most cases is 1,000 and as long as you can make our MOQ, and your sample requests are not excessive, we can typically provide our service at no cost. If however you have several unique products and you want to see three different versions for each one, we have crossed the line into that of a packaging consultant, and yes, that service is typically billed on a per hour basis.

Best way to find out if your project qualifies for free packaging design?

Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this web site. Our VERY experienced branded packaging advisors are eager to learn about your project and determine how we can best help you.

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