Posted on October 18, 2023 by Dennis Salazar

NEW! An E-commerce Box that Lights Up

We are excited to introduce this new product to the DTC box market because it is truly new and unique. Keep in mind Salazar Packaging is the same company that was first to introduce the Globe Guard Reusable Box™ and more recently the Ta-Da Box™, the first self-revealing e-commerce box that shows off its custom printed interior. Customers appreciate the way we know how to make their visions a reality and often bring options and ideas to them. We provide the concept; they decide how to best utilize it to impress their specific customers.

The Salazar Packaging Light Box™ 

The video below is just one example of how this new technology can potentially be used to create an amazing and unforgettable unboxing experience. It is a unique offering for influencer, or special promotion applications.


The electronic components are fully recyclable, and the light will work up to 12 hours. This light product uses a lightweight, low-profile polymer battery so there is no risk of explosion. These are non-LED lights, making them safe and versatile for use with paper packaging of any type.

Cost and Availability  

Every application for our new Light Box is custom so there is no price list but after a brief conversation, we can usually provide you with a fairly accurate estimate. As is with any custom design, quantity plays a major role in overall cost.

This is just one of various applications and solutions for DTC e-commerce applications. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this link. We will be glad to discuss your specific idea or promotional idea.


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