Posted on April 24, 2024 by Michael Boik

Free Packaging Services—Why We’re Unique

The true value of a packaging partner is not all found in the bottom-line price per box/unit that you see on your order form. It is in all of the other ways that they provide a service for you. At Salazar Packaging, many of these services are free or complimentary. We do this because we understand that a successful partnership in this industry is centered around honesty, transparency and avoiding the unexpected or unanticipated. In other words, we want to deliver exactly what we promise, or better. And we never want our customers to be caught off guard. We go above and beyond to ensure that by the time we get to your production date, you are fully confident in what the end result will be, and it didn’t cost you a fortune along the way.


Free Initial Packaging Consultation

As we always say to any new potential customer, and often write at the end of these blog posts, there is never a charge/cost or obligation for an initial phone call/email/Zoom conversation with us. Our branded packaging advisors are experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely well-versed in listening to the thoughts/needs/concerns/visions of hundreds of companies, small businesses, startups and first-time packaging buyers. We understand the process can be daunting and there are often MANY questions in the initial stages while you sort through what your packaging timeline or budget may entail. We will never charge you for asking questions, and we will always provide answers to the best of our abilities. Many packaging companies will try to funnel you through an online click and order system or quoting software that raises more questions than it answers. But we are always an email or a phone call away. Try us and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our response time!


Free Structural Design Services

If you’ve spent any time online searching for structural packaging design services, you’ve probably discovered that they are not cheap. On average, depending on the product and scope of the project, you can anticipate paying about $500-5000 or even higher for these services, and there are likely to be problems encountered along the way. We know from experience that some design projects go smoothly, and others require several rounds of revisions for a single design, or completely starting over from scratch with a new design. These processes often involve extensive time and energy, so it’s somewhat justifiable and understandable that many companies will ask that you pay a premium for them. Our structural design work is often free, simply because we know what we’re doing, and as such we can save time and energy along the way while delivering tremendous value to you, the packaging buyer. Doing it right the first time saves us all time, money and headaches. Chances are very good that from the moment we see a product, we have an idea how to package it, because we’ve likely done something similar before. Our experience is our secret weapon and there really is no substitute for it.


No Cost Samples and Proofs

We understand that this is a unique industry, and that it is hard to ask a new customer to order in some cases thousands or tens of thousands of boxes without seeing anything concrete that they can touch and feel beforehand. Flexographic printing is a high-speed process with long setup times that prohibits us from producing sample or test runs. For this reason, we go to extensive lengths to ensure that what you are ordering is fully meeting your expectations. We can table-cut samples to verify sizing of your packaging, as well as send a wide variety of past production samples in similar shapes, sizes, prints or finishes to what you are ordering. We also never charge a cent to send you a PDF print card proof, as well as physical ink swatches to verify the color we are printing is exactly in line with your needs. These are free services we provide, knowing full well that a satisfied customer after production is priceless in the long run.


Don’t hesitate to put us to the test and see just how much money we can save you in the packaging process. Reach out to us today for a no cost, no obligation consultation and let us take it from here.


Please Contact Us Today

As always, if you have any questions, one of our branded packaging advisors is standing by to assist, with decades of experience behind them. Want to know more about custom packaging options? Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email at


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