Posted on January 24, 2024 by Dennis Salazar

Free Inside Print on E-Commerce Boxes!

The most popular type of box used for DTC (direct to consumer) shipping remains the basic die cut mailer. There are many slight variations and names for this style of box including presentation box, one piece mailer, and some even still call them literature mailers which was their original purpose and use. For years these were usually unprinted or printed with a basic one-color graphic design exterior.

Seventeen years ago, when we first started developing and serving the subscription box market, we encouraged our customers to print the inside as well as the outside of the boxes they were using. Later, companies realized the interior (especially the inside of the lid) of these boxes provided a great “billboard” area where information, logos, and other info could be printed. I won’t say we invented inside print, but there is no doubt we helped make it popular.

New Equipment Designs Help Make Inside Print More Efficient  

Not long ago, most box printing equipment was designed to only print, and die cut the outside so in order to print the inside, you had to run it through the machine twice. First pass to print the inside and the second pass to print the outside and die cut the box. Newer equipment developments make it possible to print the inside and outside (over and under) simultaneously in one single pass, reducing production time.

This relatively new capability is now available at most of our manufacturing (currently 13) production sites and we are glad to say for a limited time, all inside printing on most die cut e-commerce mailers is free!

Reducing Your Cost in Almost Every Possible Scenario

Current Salazar Packaging Customers

  • If your box is currently printed on the outside only, you can add inside print for the same price you are currently paying, or maybe even less!
  • If we are already printing both inside and outside, allow us to re-quote to show you how much we can save you.

New Customers

  • For current outside print only new customers, allow us to quote both options for you so you can add inside printing to your e-commerce boxes.
  • If you are currently purchasing boxes with inside and outside printing, allow us to show you how much money our new capabilities can save you!


A simple and brief phone call may help you enhance your current box look and reduce your costs in the process. Unfortunately, some exclusions and limitations may apply, but we can give you exact box and one time print plate costs as soon as we learn about your requirements and are able to review your artwork. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this web site.

We are excited and eager to see how this equipment innovation can benefit you!

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