Posted on January 23, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

E-commerce Mailer FAQ:  Peel and Seal Adhesive Closure Boxes

One of the exciting new products we have recently added to our product line are e-commerce mailer boxes that have an adhesive peel and seal strip to hold them closed. This eliminates the need for water activated adhesive paper or plastic pressure sensitive tape. Both are typically only as good as the person applying it.

Peel and seal strips are efficient, neat, clean and never detract from the graphics on your box. With an easy open tear strip added, they are easy to open for the consumer and add a layer of security by discouraging tampering or pilferage.

Here are a few common questions we are asked about this new product:

Are these e-commerce mailer boxes more expensive compared to traditional die cut mailer boxes?

In most cases a little more board is necessary as we must extend the front flap. In addition, the peel and seal adhesive strip is applied in a secondary, additional step. So yes, these boxes cost more but the benefits and other savings usually make the cost well worth the price.

How much more expensive are boxes with seal strips?

That depends on several factors but the primary two are order quantity and box size. We have seen the upcharge percentage range from as little as 30% to as much as 60%. On an $.80 box, that is as little as 24 cents to a high of 48 cents. Again though, look at the savings as well as the cost to determine if these are a good option for you.

Where and when are those savings realized?

Box sealing tape cost ranges from relatively inexpensive to quite costly depending on the type, grade, branding or not branded, etc. but eliminating tape does save money. We also always suggest you look at the packages shipping out because in most cases, the packers are applying multiple strips of tape which increases the cost substantially.

The greatest saving is from a reduction of labor. Peel and seal strips can reduce the time it takes to seal a box by 50% or more depending on your tape and application. That savings can far exceed the additional box cost and being able to process more orders in less time can be incredibly valuable at crunch time.

before, during and after DTC shipping boxes by Salazar PackagingYou mentioned enhanced security? Explain that benefit.  

Some products such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care, jewelry, and other high cost products for example, tend to draw attention, sometimes unwanted attention. Thieves and packaging people know that there is nothing easier to get into than a box sealed with clear tape. You simply slit the tape with a knife, open the box and remove the contents, and then reseal it with another piece of clear tape. If it is applied carefully the tampering is almost invisible. This leads to unhappy and disappointed customers and you in many cases having to replace the missing products at your own product and shipping expense. That is a lose/lose/lose situation.

Our adhesive is so strong that the only way the consumer can get into it is by using the easy open strip we provide. This makes it almost impossible to get into the box unnoticed.

I have received EZ open strips on a box and sometimes, they are not so easy.

That is a fact when the box maker decides to NOT reinforce the EZ open strip making the board very difficult to tear. In most of our designs, we add a reinforcing strip that rips the board cleanly and easily.        

2 way box with two adhesive stripsCan these boxes be designed for two way, back and forth shipments for returns?

In many applications such as clothing, returns are an expensive and unavoidable part of doing business. For applications like that we do add a second adhesive strip. The first, outer one is used to ship the box to the customer. The second, inner one is used by the customer to reseal the box and ship it back for return or exchange. Aside from customer convenience, you don’t have to rely on them having box sealing tape and applying it correctly. (see photo)

Are these peel and seal adhesive and easy open strips available on mailer envelopes?

Absolutely! We can add these features to just about any mailer envelope including paper, paperboard, and even plastic.

Please keep in mind our 1,000 MOQ still applies on any custom box though when you factor in the cost of a custom cutting die, this design is rarely cost justifiable unless a customer is purchasing 2,500 or more boxes at one time. It is not for everyone but when the math works, it can be a great solution for a positive unboxing experience and sets you apart from the others.

Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at One of our branded packaging advisors will answer any questions you may have and help you determine if this packaging design option will help you reduce your overall costs.

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