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27 Apr 2012 SeaOtters.com Uses Branded, Custom-Printed Packaging to Draw Attention to Their Cause

Sea otter in oil spillWe help our customers communicate through their packaging, but few jobs we’ve completed are as personally satisfying as the work we recently did for www.SeaOtters.com. Spend a few minutes on their web site and you’ll understand why this organization is so concerned about the health and well being of this endangered species. This is an organization that deserves and needs our support, and I encourage you to visit their site to “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
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15 Dec 2011 Unique Companies Deserve a Unique Packaging Look

[caption id="attachment_3083" align="alignright" width="258"]Gwen Frostic custom printed tape GWEN FROSTIC CUSTOM-PRINTED TAPE[/caption] The internet is an amazing information-gathering tool. However, it also has the ability to make every product a commodity and every company appear the same under one broad heading or Google search term. We are truly blessed to work with a wide variety of incredibly gifted and unique people and companies. We are also proud to be able to help them communicate and demonstrate the difference they offer through their packaging. When “Unique” Is an Understatement Gwen Frostic Prints is one of those incredibly unique companies started by an amazingly dedicated and talented lady and continued by people who loved her and her work. I will not attempt to recap the life of Sara Gwendolyn Frostic, but I do encourage you to visit www.GwenFrostic.com and learn more about the person, her art and the company she founded.
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15 Nov 2011 NaturalContents.com and Globe Guard® water-activated box sealing tape – a great, green story

Natural ContentsWe love it when new green companies call us, because their enthusiasm is energizing and their commitment to sustainability strengthens our own resolve. These new green entrepreneurs usually do their homework and they don’t waste resources, especially money. They also understand the importance and value of being “eco consistent,” from the products they sell to the packaging they use to ship orders into their customers’ homes. The above description perfectly describes Jennifer and Danielle, the founders of Natural Contents. They have just launched a terrific new site offering a great assortment of natural, green and organic products and ingredients for cooking. Whether you love to cook, eat, or both, check out the site and you will be impressed!
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01 Sep 2011 Custom Printed Water Activated Tape Made Easy

Custom printed tape made easyWe have met a lot of people who have hesitated to brand their tape because of many misconceptions, including that it’s too expensive or that the minimum quantity required is too large. A very common perception is that the process is too complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike other packaging suppliers who expect you to point and click your way through your first custom-printed tape order, we provide you with live assistance and decades of experience and suggestions to help you avoid costly mistakes.
  1. Choose your tape width, tape color (white or natural Kraft) and your tape grade. (Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through your grade options.)
  2. Submit your artwork for review. (This is where our experience can really help, and, FYI, usually a clean PDF will work.)
  3. Select your color(s) from 11 standard colors, or we can also do a PMS color match for you.
  4. Review the final proof we provide that shows copy location, repeat and colors. (This is your last look before we start printing tape.)
  5. Wait about two to three weeks for your new, custom-printed tape to arrive.
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05 Apr 2011 Paper Based Packaging Is the Greenest Way to Lower Costs When Plastic Prices Are Soaring

Globe Guard non-plastic mailing optionsA quick look at today’s headlines or the nearest gas pump confirms oil prices are on a steep rise, which ultimately impacts natural gas and plastic resin prices as well as everything we buy or use that contains plastic. Experts tell us there is no end in sight, so as we see plastic packaging going through the roof with some products experiencing multiple price increases in the last six months, it’s a great time to remind our readers that almost any plastic packaging solution has a paper-based alternative.
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11 Jun 2009 Printed Water Activated Tape is Creative, Sustainable Packaging at its Best

printed-water-activated-tapes What do a West Coast oyster farm, a Wisconsin maker of fine cutting tools, a creative designer of green products for the office and unique online green products store, all have in common? They all decided to combine unprinted boxes with custom printed tape to -
  • Communicate their green brands
  • Make their secondary packaging as eco friendly as possible
  • Reduce their packaging costs
  FREE machine for new printed tape customers. Contact for details. The Benefits of Printed Water Activated Tape
  • It is colorful, stands out and your customers remember your message, logo, and brand
  • It is a much less expensive branding alternative to costly custom printed boxes
  • It has a high green perception rating from even casual observers and customers
  • It’s a paper product so no stripping of plastic tape is necessary before recycling the corrugated box
  • It bonds better to the box making it safer, more rigid and much more secure because it prevents tampering and pilferage
Sustainable Packaging Is Creative? Yes it can be.  Take a look at what these terrific customers decided to do to convey a consistent and memorable image.
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24 Mar 2009 A Less Expensive Way to a Greener Box Sealing Tape Solution

As we have mentioned before, we enjoy helping customers switch from pressure sensitive tape to water activated tape (WAT) because we are convinced it is a more eco friendly and usually, a better way to seal a box. WAT Dispenser Cost Can Be an Obstacle I think most people realize paper water activated tape is a more sustainable than plastic pressure sensitive tape and the reasons are well documented, including several times on this blog. Up to now, we offered two WAT dispensers, both of excellent quality but the prices have been $395 for the semi-automatic unit and $995 for our electric unit. This has often been a major problem for low volume customers or even larger volume tape users with multiple packing and taping stations. An Unfair Comparison of Tape Applicators “But my plastic tape supplier gives me my tape guns for free”.  I have heard this many times and am amazed some people still don’t realize they are paying for those “free or low cost” pressure sensitive tape applicators, in any number of ways -
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