Posted on December 15, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

Unique Companies Deserve a Unique Packaging Look

The internet is an amazing information-gathering tool. However, it also has the ability to make every product a commodity and every company appear the same under one broad heading or Google search term.

We are truly blessed to work with a wide variety of incredibly gifted and unique people and companies. We are also proud to be able to help them communicate and demonstrate the difference they offer through their packaging.

When “Unique” Is an Understatement

Gwen Frostic Prints is one of those incredibly unique companies started by an amazingly dedicated and talented lady and continued by people who loved her and her work. I will not attempt to recap the life of Sara Gwendolyn Frostic, but I do encourage you to visit and learn more about the person, her art and the company she founded.

I am confident you will also agree the web site is one of the most beautiful you have visited and that it truly does do justice to the work they do in Gwen Frostic’s name. In addition, you’ll understand why I have added their store to my “must see” list of Midwestern places I want to visit soon.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Only from a packaging application perspective is Gwen Frostic similar to other companies. Check out the Gwen Frostic online catalog and you will see why they have to use a variety of different shipping containers and sizes. This makes it difficult, if not impractical, to custom brand their shipping boxes with their eye-catching logo.

However, this scenario also makes them an ideal candidate for custom-printed, water-activated paper tape because one design and one roll of tape literally “fits all” of their products and packaging. Every box has that unique Gwen Frostic look thanks to the random repeat logo that is printed on the tape in a beautiful dark brown, making it jump off the Kraft surface it is applied to.

Custom printed tape made easy


BTW, did I mention that water-activated tape is “greener” and actually works better than plastic tape? It also makes your packages more secure and helps minimize damage and pilferage.

If you are still frustrated by that one, “tough to buy for” person on your Christmas list, I encourage you to visit the Gwen Frostic site to see some products and prints you will not see anywhere else in the world or on the internet.

If you want to create that deservedly unique look for your packaging, please contact Salazar Packaging and see how easy more than 50 years of packaging experience can make the custom-printed packaging process.