Posted on November 16, 2022 by Dennis Salazar

Three Unique E-Commerce Packaging Designs

Since starting our company over 15 years ago, we have probably designed well over a thousand different e-commerce boxes. They include basic RSC (regular slotted containers), HSC half slotted containers, and die cut mailers of the front lock or top tuck variety. Those designs are by far the most popular but there are countless variations as well as boxes with custom features and inserts making them perfect for our customers

Below are three designs we have developed that we believe are a lot more versatile than they appear at initial glance. Modifying past designs for new, unique applications is what we do because it minimizes potentially costly design time and, in many cases, enables us to use existing tooling saving additional money and time.

Below are unique designs that can potentially be used for variety of different products and purposes.

The Peel and Seal Adhesive Closure, Two-way Box.

2 way box with two adhesive stripsWe refer to it as a two way box because it is designed to ship twice; to the customer and from the customer back to you. This makes it ideal for replacements or exchanges. Wrong size, wrong color, or the customer simply does not like it. We created our first “returnable box” over twelve years ago when a major retailer told us they did not want to do anything to encourage returns. In other words. We don’t want to make it too easy for customers to send products back to us.

Today, making it easy to return an e-commerce item is not only expected; it is smart business. There is a lot of competition out there and a satisfied customer is much more likely to return and say positive things about you on social media. It is also important the returned product is protected by your packaging so it arrives back in good, resalable condition. Our two-way box does that and can be produced in any custom size or configuration you need. BTW, we also have a variety of two-way envelopes so whatever your need, talk to us and we will help you determine the best packaging for shipping your product in both directions.

TaDa™ Self Opening Box

Unboxing experience re-inventedWe created and launched this box a year and a half ago and you can learn more and see a very short video at this link. For that much desired “unboxing experience” and Instagram Moment, this is a design that you have probably never seen before.

It can be made to almost any custom size and custom printed inside and/or outside. We can quickly tell you if this is an option for you and your product.

Book fold box 

custom printed bookfold mailersThis has always been one of my personal favorites because it has been successfully used for such a wide variety of applications. Of course, it is perfect for books, calendars or any paper products. In fact, we originally created this box to ship sheets of stock labels. We no longer sell labels, but the design has been used for everything from cutting boards and information binders, to picture frames. I also like the way we can deliver inside printing when printing the outside, because of the way it folds. Check out the first related post below.

This is just a small sampling of some of the designs we have created for customers like you. It does not cost anything to ask us, and we are sure to give you a straightforward answer. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email for a no cost, no obligation discussion.

You are also invited to visit our gallery to see additional examples of our work. We are very good at overcoming design challenges and solving problems at the lowest possible cost to our customers and clients.


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