Posted on May 21, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

Salazar Packaging in the News -Ta-Da Box™ application

We are extremely pleased and grateful that Packaging World decided to write about this new design we have created. The TaDa Box™ is a brand-new way to make a great impression and it delivers a unique unboxing experience and product presentation. Use this link to read this article.

Redefining the Unboxing Experience

A lack luster unboxing experience typically goes unnoticed. It may be very functional, but it is not eye catching or memorable. It is also not likely to be shared on Instagram or other social media platforms because there is nothing truly unique about it, resembling most of the boxes you see every day.

The Ta-Da box is both interesting as well as fun. When the single piece of recommended packaging tape is cut, the box opens like a flower or butterfly wings. See this video to see how extraordinary it is.

No matter what you are shipping inside, the chances are your customer has never witnessed anything like this before. Not only is it attractive, but it is also unexpectedly simple to open and avoids having to wrestle and fight standard e-commerce packaging.

 Economical Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution.

Many packaging innovations are introduced with a higher price initially and will slowly decrease the cost over time. In most cases, the Ta-Da Box delivers a savings on day one. For example, if you are replacing a typical die cut, front lock or top tuck mailer, our design usually reduces corrugated usage buy 30% or more, making it an economical and sustainable packaging option.

As you probably know, the corrugated industry has had two major price increases within six months. There are also rumors of a third increase later this year. With that fast-rising market upon us, this might be the ideal time to explore packaging solutions able to deliver a substantial savings immediately.   (see first related post below)

Is the Ta-Da box For You?

We can help you determine that with a free and brief phone call. We’ll ask you about current box style being used, sizes, graphics, and purchase quantities. Keep in mind the MOQ for this new box is 1,000 per size or print, just like our other design options. We will also give you realistic costs on other pre-production items like cutting dies and/or print plates.

You can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this web site. Our experienced and talented branded packaging advisors will gladly help you through the process.


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