Posted on April 25, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

ThreeMain Products chooses Salazar Packaging for new DTC packaging design

DTC custom packaging designed by Salazar PackagingThe people at ThreeMain Products realized their DTC packaging requirements were not simple or basic. The packaging they needed for their excellent, eco-friendly cleaning products would have to be flexible and be able to accommodate a variety of different shapes, sizes, and configurations.

After seeing some of our work on our website including our gallery, they knew we were up to the structural packaging design challenge.

Product and Size Appropriate Packaging

Many companies attempting to minimize initial packaging costs will try to develop a “one size fits all” e-commerce shipping container. This typically means oversizing the box which adds to packaging cost, shipping costs and creates more waste. This results in a poor customer presentation (unboxing experience) and excess board used, sure to be noticed by their sustainability-minded consumers.

DTC custom packaging designed by Salazar PackagingThe ThreeMain Starter Kit

This product is simply three same size, reusable aluminum bottles of their products and three spray nozzles. We created a custom insert to separate the products, preventing bottle to bottle metal abrasion and by making the insert removable, the box can potentially be used for other products or configurations. This design resulted in a minimal size at minimal cost for packaging and shipping.

The ThreeMain Blue Membership Kit

DTC custom packaging designed by Salazar PackagingThis product combination required more creativity due to the mixture of products being shipped together. For this kit we created a two-level container placing the bagged product on the lower level and protecting it with the upper level supports on the inside corners of the base. The upper level tray included a divider and product separators like what we used on the starter kit above. We added a couple of pull tabs to make removing the upper level easier and of course, we used our eco friendly corrugated material that is 100% recyclable with any paper waste. Our white on Kraft printing provides a nice, natural look to the earth friendly package.

“Eco Consistent” Branding and Packaging

Eco Consistent is a phrase we coined around ten years ago, simply stating that it was important for packaging to reflect and be consistent with the brand owner’s philosophy and approach to market. All too often it is not, but we are glad to say that ThreeMain Products has successfully accomplished that primary objective.

Are you ready for “packaging that communicates”? You can contact Salazar Packaging via email or call us at 630-551-1700. One of our experienced, green minded branded packaging advisors is ready to help you deliver your products and message.

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