Posted on June 26, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

FAQ for E-commerce box Inserts for Interior and Protective Packaging

FAQ for E-commerce box Inserts for Interior and Protective Packaging

One of the greatest trends we have seen in D2C, e-commerce packaging is the use of internal packaging to protect and display the products being shipped. Arriving in one piece is the beginning of a good unboxing experience and a great presentation is the ultimate goal. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How can inserts help me on shipping boxes? Don’t they just add cost? – on a strictly material cost comparison basis, inserts may be more expensive than void fill or cushioning material you may be using. However, those packaging materials tend to shift and settle leaving the product unprotected. In addition, most loose fills are messy and difficult to recycle. The greatest benefit of an insert beyond enhanced appearance, is the labor savings that usually results. Saving time, money, and improving productivity.

Custom insert for hair color kit, Salazar Packaging, ecommerce packagingCan you provide foam inserts? – the quick answer is yes. For some unique and delicate applications (especially fragile products) foam may indeed be the best solution. Keep in mind that foam is typically not considered green, may not be easily recycled and tooling (cutting dies) and minimums can be quite high.

How about molded pulp trays and inserts? –  We love molded pulp for high volume applications. However, domestically the tooling can be extremely costly and the minimums out of reach for most of our customers.

What is the advantage of partitions and dividers? – To begin with, there is no tooling required and the minimum is a low 1,000 units. Typically, they are used for product separation, not retention or cushioning, but they can be a great solution for certain applications.

Salazar Packaging seems to promote a lot of die cut corrugated inserts? – That is correct because they are versatile, relatively low in cost, and the tooling can be economical as well. Our minimum is 1,000 which is very low for a custom solution. In addition, corrugated inserts can be printed. See this post on printed inserts.

Custom printed insert, Salazar Packaging, ecommerce packagingCan you make inserts for my boxes?  If your box supplier is not able to make an effective insert for you, you probably need a new box supplier. The fact is that the only way we can guarantee the fit and performance is if we manufacture both the box and insert, so sorry no, we only make inserts for boxes we design and manufacture.

We have made boxes and inserts for thousands of customers so if you are not sure about which internal packaging solution is best for you, please check in with our experienced, trained, branded packaging advisors. Call us at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar Packaging for a no cost, application review and recommendation.

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