Posted on February 13, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

Box Insert Options for D2C E-commerce Packaging

Box Insert Options for D2C E-commerce Packaging

A quick search on the internet will confirm that there are many companies that sell boxes. Online catalog houses and retailer providers ranging from office supply stores to truck rental facilities all sell boxes in their basic, simplest form.
What we do is much more sophisticated and goes far beyond providing a shipping container to ship a product from the shipper to the on-line customer. We enhance the value of our shipping products by providing a variety of direct to consumer packaging design solutions that accomplish two critical things:

Protection – preventing damage in shipment
Presentation – delivering the best possible unboxing experience for the consumer

die cut 4 cavaty insert, e-commerce packaging, Salazar PackagingInserts of various types and styles

Inserts (inside protective packaging) is one of the ways we accomplish that within the box. We have created inserts, partitions and dividers in many different forms including molded and engineered foams, die cut paperboard designs, multilayer paper honeycomb designs, molded pulp and our most popular – die cut corrugated designs.

Why are die cut and scored sheet inserts the most popular option?

Primarily because it is flexible and versatile. It is also affordable on a per piece basis and in terms of tooling cost, which is minimal compared to other forms and options. If the product lines or count changes, the insert can easily be modified or replaced. It is also easier to use when packing and cleaner when unpacking. Decorative fill (peanuts, shredded paper, etc.) offers questionable protection because most often the fill product shifts and settles during shipment. As attractive as you may think decorative loose fill is, I have yet to meet a consumer who enjoys the unpacking mess and clean up.
Corrugated inserts are also a greener option compared to most because they are easily removed and recycled. They are printable and can also be made of 100% recycled corrugated board.
From a design perspective, they provide endless options and possibilities in structure and shape. Here are three different designs for the same four pack of deodorant sticks.
1. Scored sheet divider – this is a low cost, effective design that does not require a cutting die investment. Mailing and storage costs are also minimized because in this case the product does not require a protective perimeter air cell, for a very tight, clean, simple and economical design.
Angled presentation insert, e-commerce packaging, Salazar2. Die cut cavities – in situations where space around the product is desired the insert can be cut with as many openings or cavities as necessary. Most custom cutting dies require a $300 to $600 onetime investment but save hours of valuable packing time if designed properly.
3. Elevated and angled die cut design – For a unique presentation that really shows off the product, many products can be placed in an insert at an angle or eye-catching configuration. Reproducing the instore, retail experience when shipping direct to the consumer is not always easy but a creative design can help you create that Instagram worthy look.
This is just a brief look at a few things we can do to help you impress your e-commerce customer. If you want to learn more and discuss the specifics of your product and application, call us at 630-551-1700 or contact Salazar Packaging via email. We have designed and printed millions of boxes for thousands of customers, so we are confident we can use that experience to save you time and money while creating a great looking D2C package for you.

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