Posted on November 13, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

Create a Positive Customer Experience

Does Your D2C Packaging Product Presentation Create a Positive Customer Experience?

A few decades ago when I was working for the largest paper and packaging distributor in the world, the big concern the internet brought was the threat of a “paperless society.” The fear was totally unfounded, and the fact is that we all probably consume more paper today than ever before.

While some paper products evolved into a web-based service, as a traditionalist, I am glad to see some companies and products have remained esthetically pleasing and yes, a little more formal. I’m sorry but I still find it kind of tacky to send out an electronic invitation to an important event or gathering. Or worse yet, invite everyone via Facebook or some other social medium.

Basic Invite wanted an unboxing experience as beautiful as their products

The products they market and manufacture are beautiful personalized, customized invitations and notices for a variety of special events such as showers, birthdays, baby announcements, parties, and of course wedding related items such “save this date” notices, invitations and thank you cards. Check out their very attractive product line at

For their non-Evite inclined customer base, what they send out to the people on their invited list is as much about presentation as it is about delivering news or information. The people at Basic Invite realized the packaging needed to be as eye catching as the product they were shipping. We call it “customer experience consistency.”

Are you in the e-commerce presentation business?

Does your packaging deliver a very desirable WOW factor? Does your packaging reflect the quality of the product being shipped within? Do your customers love it and are you proud of the packaging you ship out?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, it may be time to revisit and review your customer experience. I can tell you after creating boxes for thousands of customers, when launching, people tend to hurry. Usually the launch is late, money is tight, and compromises must be made. If you have reached a level of success, it may be time for rebranding or redesigning your packaging.

Our branded packaging advisors know that no two applications and customers are identical, and they will help you achieve the look you want at the cost you need. Great looking e-commerce packaging does not have to be expensive, it just requires the help of a knowledgeable, experienced partner. Check out our gallery and see a small selection of the customers who trusted us.

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