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Salazar Packaging in the News – E-commerce and Subscription Packaging

Salazar Packaging in the News – E-commerce and Subscription Packaging

One thing you can count on is that business is ever evolving and changing. That is especially true of relatively new businesses such as subscription boxes, as well as virtually every form of e-commerce packaging.

We were recently interviewed by Packaging Strategies and thought you might find it interesting. You can read the article at this link:

The Customer Experience Remains Most Important

Subscription and e-commerce packing, Salazar PackagingWhile the focus remains on the customer experience, how that “WOW factor” is accomplished has changed d

ramatically as new direct to corrugated print technologies allow graphic designers to fully unleash their creativity. This holds true of not only digital printing (more info here) but also of new capabilities in lower cost flexographic printing.  In other words, you don’t have to spend a fortune per box to be able to ship a unique shipping container that makes a great and memorable impression. Or perhaps it is time for a redesign. Perhaps the look you wanted two or three years

ago no longer reflects the company you have grown into? Or maybe new competition’s packaging is making yours look dated. In any case, we do many rebrands every year for a multitude of reasons. (See related post link below).

Many Great E-commerce and Subscription Box Ideas Remain Unsold!

I am truly sorry to say that many of the first run boxes we print for new customers never re-order a second time. They never run again, not because their box was ineffective or not printed well, and not because the idea or concept was a bad one. The fact is that most of these boxes are never re-run because the initial batch was never sold.

It is not enough to design a great looking box or come up with a fantastic product to sell, even at a great price point. A great-looking, well-designed web site is a must but even that is not going to bring in buyers if they can’t find it. The people who are very successful promoting their boxes combine a great social media presence with a nose for free links and publicity. Marketing is still the key.

Subscription and e-commerce packing, Salazar PackagingPeople are often surprised when I suggest to them that they delay ordering custom printed boxes until they determine how and where their box is going to be promoted. Not only is this spending your money wisely but as you develop your marketing strategy, it may very well influence the structural and graphic design of your box.

We have been in the packaging business for over forty years, with a focus on e-commerce that is over ten years old. We were one of the first and—we believe—remain one of the best because we help our customers succeed.

You can call us at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar We have the experience and people trained to help you grow your business.


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