Posted on May 21, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

The Cost of Custom Printed, Branded D2C Packaging

The Cost of Custom Printed, Branded D2C Packaging


Most of the people who call or email us have one key question on their minds: how much is this going to cost? Since we have many different products and even more variables, we can’t refer to a price list and provide an easy or quick answer. However, after producing custom printed packaging of all types, for thousands of different customers, we can provide a cost estimate that will prove accurate with four basic pieces of information:

  1. What type or style of packaging do you need? We make several different mailer box styles and a half dozen different mailer envelope types. If you are not sure what is best for your application, one of our branded packaging advisors are trained to help you determine that.
  2. What size of mailer envelope or mailer box do you need? Bigger is not always better. Oversized packaging will prove expensive to purchase, store and ship. Even an approximate (length X width X height) estimate like 12” X 8” x 2 “is more helpful than relative terms such as small, medium, large or extra-large. BTW, a mailer envelope may have only two dimensions, but a box will always have three.
  3. How do you want it printed? At this stage we don’t need to see art work, but we do require some idea on what you want us to print for you. A basic ink and substrate description will do: Example: printed outside two colors on Kraft (brown) and inside one color on white. If you have a graphics, such as a logo we can review, it may help us all avoid an issue later. Keep in mind, most logos are digital and designed for use on the internet. Some are not reproducible as is and may require tweaking.Custom printed mailer envelopes, Salazar Packaging
  4. How many are you prepared to buy at this time? Our minimum for printing any of our boxes is 1,000 and more than anything else, order quantity has the greatest impact on pricing. On short runs, the key cost factor is equipment set up time. Substrate color, number of ink colors, and of course size, all matter, but nothing influences cost as much as order quantity.


Our people are standing by to help you but if you are not ready to have that conversation, this blog is a tremendous source of information to help you develop your package type and design. Please check out the “related posts” below and explore around our packaging gallery. Rarely do we come across a new application we have not done before so our experience can help you minimize precious to-market time and packaging cost.

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