Posted on June 20, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

NEW: Attractive, CUSTOM PRINTABLE, Eco-friendly Packaging for shipping wine bottles

Salazar Packaging introduces economical stock and custom printed shipping boxes for wine bottles

We have received inquiries and phone calls for years from people interested in packaging for shipping bottles of wine as gifts, order fulfillment, wine clubs, etc. To be frank, we have avoided that packaging application because the challenges of shipping glass bottles are numerous. With many recent successes in shipping other glass products such as liquor and candles, and after months of designing, ship testing, and tweaking, we believe we have come up with a terrific and effective packaging solution.

Until now, the available packaging options for glass wine bottles have been few:

  1. RSC boxes with foam inserts – effective but not very green, creating a foam disposal problem.
  2. RSC style boxes with molded pulp inserts – effective and green but not very attractive, delivering a poor unboxing experience.

In addition, both options tend to be costly and not brandable. Can you imagine trying to custom print on a molded pulp or foam insert?

The Globe Guard ® wine shipper is 100% eco-friendly.

Our box and insert combination are both made of a minimum of 40% recycled content and can be easily broken down for recycling at curbside or anywhere paper waste is processed. 100% recycled content is an available option, but it is one we would have to discuss including your graphics required. Print-ability differs on board grades and types and we want to make sure we provide you with the best look possible.

Our design team spent hours developing the smallest, most lightweight design that is still going to protect the product being shipped. This reduces waste and shipping costs inbound and outbound.

Custom Printed Wine Shipper

Our wine shipper design is versatile.

Our standard (die cut mailer) box and insert are designed to handle two of the most common bottle diameters (2-3/4” to 3”) and three of the most popular bottle heights of 8-1/2”, 8-3/4” and 9”. Die cut mailers are referred to as “presentation boxes” because they open with an attached lid for maximum positive visual impact for the recipient.

Custom sizes and designs are also available for different wine and liquor bottles with other shapes, diameters, and lengths.

 The Globe Guard ® wine shipper features a unique insert to present and protect

Our two-piece insert design assembles quickly without glue or tape. It provides an air cell completely around the bottle being shipped to insulate and help protect it from transferred drop shock. No packaging used for shipping glass is guaranteed because of the many packing variables and we all know how brutal some shipments can be whether you use FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We have conducted numerous drop tests and ship tests and our design has performed extremely well under many typical e-commerce shipping scenarios.

Equally important as protection is presentation. Our insert and box design is designed to create an exceptional unboxing experience. Unlike other protective shrouds, bags or bubble wrap, the bottle and wine label are completely visible, and all components are brandable with flexographic, digital or even offset printing. Branding is available for inside and outside of the mailer as well as the insert. See a small sampling of our custom printing work in the gallery of our website.

Wine Shipper in Natural Kraft

Program details under development

The minimum for any of our boxes and inserts, unprinted or custom printed, is 1,000. We are considering at some point offering a stock, unprinted version that will be available on our Globe Guard Products green packaging store in smaller quantities, but we are not there yet. Where we go and what we do will be driven by customer response.

We encourage every customer to conduct their own ship test prior to placing a larger order to make sure your bottle design and our shipper are compatible.

If you would like a quote, we would need the following information:

  • Bottle diameter at base and neck.
  • Bottle height overall and specifically the neck from shoulder to cork end.
  • Mailer box and insert board colors: white or Kraft board, inside and/or out
  • If printed, some idea of the graphics you have in mind
  • Also, most importantly, order quantity

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing Salazar Packaging or calling us at 630-551-1700. This is an exciting new product for us because we are confident it will satisfy many requirements for our clients and customers.

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