Posted on February 21, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

Glass Product Packaging for E-commerce Shipping

Glass Product Packaging for E-commerce Shipping

One of the fastest growing and most challenging shipping applications is almost anything made of glass. Ranging from candles, to herbal supplements, and expensive bottles of liquor, the balancing of presentation versus protection is rarely simple.

Of course, you can always wrap the item being shipping in bubble or some other type of cushioning protective wrap. Or you can try to bury the product within layers of foam peanuts (why I hate them) or some other loose fill type product. However, the presentation for both types of packaging options is simply messy and awful.

On the other hand, showing off too much of the product can result in shipping damage if the product is not immobilized within the box. Keep in mind that as much inside/out damage occurs as outside/in. If more than one product is being shipped together, a leading cause of damage is product to product.

Die cut corrugated inserts

Totes for hand delivery or retail, cushioning for glass containersAfter years of experimenting with a wide variety of internal packaging products, we are now firm believers that the best solution in MOST cases for product display and retention is a well-designed die cut corrugated insert. It is not unusual for us to be asked to redesign or “fix” a design someone else made because it simply doesn’t work.  Here are a few of the advantages die cut corrugated inserts offer when packaging and shipping glass products. They are:

Eco-friendly: in most cases they have a very high recycled content percentage and are 100% recyclable for most people at curbside along with junk mail and other paper waste.

Low cost: compared to other effective but expensive solutions.

Provide product visibility: helping to create a great customer unboxing experience.

Printable: solid colors, random repeat patterns, text or other graphics

Versatile: they can be made in many different designs for many different applications and products from simple partitions and dividers to intricate, multi-cavity designs.

Low cost tooling: in many cases they cost a few hundred dollars and are a one-time expense.

Any size glass container, shipping glass containersA few things to keep in mind about our inserts:

  1. Our minimum is a firm 1,000 inserts per size and design.
  2. We ONLY make inserts for boxes made by us. We cannot make inserts for boxes made by other companies. This is the only way we can guarantee the fit and performance of the insert design.
  3. We can provide a rough price with minimal information provided, but for a firm quote we must have products to review and work with.

No two applications are identical

What we have learned after handling thousands of projects and applications is that no two projects are identical. Aside from dimensional differences on candles, wine bottles, and any other glass products, there are also cap/closure and glass thickness differences (hence the above need to see product samples). Where you ship, how you ship, and the order quantity can all influence our design as well as the pricing per unit. Customer’s requirements vary greatly as well because in some cases the esthetic is much more important than the safety, and in others (especially those experiencing shipping damage claims) the primary concern is the elimination or reduction of shipping damage.

One of our e-commerce branded packaging advisors will be glad to discuss your specific needs and application. Contact us via email or call us at 630-551-1700.

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