Posted on May 9, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

FAQs about custom printed packaging minimums

FAQs about custom printed packaging minimums

We work with a wide variety of customers ranging from seasoned veterans who have been purchasing packaging for decades to first timers who seek assistance to create their first branded box. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between production minimums and board minimums?

A production minimum typically is determined by the plant when they consider set up time versus running time. A board minimum is the least amount of material we can purchase to run a custom order. That is why we will try to steer you to a readily available substrate to do a short run of your boxes.

Why is your MOQ for boxes 1,000? That seems high.

For flexographic printing which is the lowest cost print option, our minimum of 1,000 is considered low. We know of other companies that require a minimum of 2,3 or even 5,000 boxes for custom printing. Other types of printing have different minimums depending on the process.

Does my graphic design influence the MOQ?

custom printed packaging, Every form of mailer envelope plain or printedYes, the graphic design determines the equipment required to print it and the equipment determines the minimum for that machine and board combination.

What about digital printing? Some companies can do as few as 25 custom printed boxes.

Digital printing is a totally different process and the minimum is very much determined by the type of equipment being run. For example, the type of equipment we use is high speed and has a longer set up time, so it is ideal for longer runs of 1,000 or more. Other companies have slower equipment, but it is designed to set up and change over very quickly, making it better for very short runs. For more information on digital printing, please visit our newest web site:

Why are the minimums on some mailer envelopes so high?

Some of our paper mailers can be “post printed” which means they are printed after they are manufactured, so it is easy to custom print a few hundred of them. Other mailer envelopes (padded bubble plastic mailers for example) must be pre-printed so the film is extruded and printed and then in a separate process, they are converted into mailer envelopes. More equipment and more set up results in higher MOQ’s.

What are your custom printed minimums on your most popular products?

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Custom printed, branded mailer BOXES

  • Corrugated die cut mailer boxes: 1,000 per size and 1,000 for custom inserts (in most cases)
  • Corrugated RSC style shipping boxes – 500 if larger than one cubic foot (12” X 12” X 12”) or 1,000 MOQ for any size smaller than one cubic foot.

Custom printed, branded mailer ENVELOPES

  • Unpadded paper mailer envelopes – one case (usually 200-500) for a simple 1 or 2 color post print or 5,000 mailers for a full bleed, wrap-around graphic design.
  • Rigid mailer envelopes – 2,500
  • Unpadded poly mailers – 25,000
  • Padded, poly lined mailers – 25,000

People often will ask us for a price list of our custom printed products, and for all the reasons and variables above you now understand why that is not possible. However, our experienced branded packaging advisors will be able to guide you toward a product and solution that is best for your design and volume.

Call us at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar Packaging. Visit our branded packaging gallery to see some examples of the work we do and check out the post links below.

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