Posted on April 4, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

E-commerce Packaging for CBD Products

Customized fit for your CBD e-commerce products

One of the hottest product areas right now are products with CBD as a primary ingredient. They are used to relieve anxiety, tension, and even for cosmetic (anti-acne) applications, just to name a few. CBD is not to be confused with THC which is the component in marijuana that gets you high. CBD claims to have medical benefits, is legal nearly everywhere and has found its way into several products for people as well as their pets. Good bye comfort vests, maybe?

Different products, different forms of CBD packaging

The challenge with CBD packaging is that the products have many different forms; the primary container can be a box, plastic bottle, glass bottle, or a paperboard carton. That means our secondary (e-commerce, DTC) packaging for shipping them are all custom. The way we design packaging for a CBD glass bottle or a paperboard folding carton are vastly different. There are no “stock” designs we can use because of the variety of products but the good news is that our standard 1,000 MOQ applies to this type of packaging as well as any custom size or custom printed packaging.

Presentation and protection with inserts for CBD packaging

As we have said many times, a custom cut insert is the best way to accomplish a positive unboxing experience. The product is immobilized, preventing internal damage and when the box is open, your customer doesn’t see a box full of paper, foam peanuts or other wrapping or void fill (foam, bubble, etc.) solution.  Keep in mind that a custom cutting die may have a onetime cost, but it provides a perfect fit for your product. If your product changes or you add new items, the insert can be easily replaced with a new or different cutting die. Many of our customers utilize one box size and a variety of different inserts to fit the variety of products they offer their customers.

The cost of packaging for CBD products

As stated above, there is a wide variety of sizes and styles of packaging. For that reason, we need information from you to be able to provide you with even a rough estimate:

  • What style of packaging do you have in mind and how many? A photo will help on the style question and keep in mind the 1,000 MOQ.
  • Can we see photos and dimensions of your products?
  • Do you have some idea on how many colors you want your boxes to be inside and out?

That is a good start and more details can be found in the first blog post below. If you require a formal, firm and final quote, we will require a look at your graphics and samples of your product. We will try to work with one of our nearly two hundred sizes of available cutting die for your box, saving you a minimum of $800, but  your insert is designed specifically for you and your products, We make inserts in many different designs so we can’t provide an exact price until we see everything that’s going into your box.

We have very experienced branded packaging advisors on staff, and they will be eager to answer any questions you may have about your specific product and application. You can contact Salazar Packaging via email or call us at 630-551-1700. Please visit our gallery to see other work we have done and the customers we have served.

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