Posted on December 21, 2017 by Dennis Salazar

Buyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

Buyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

Reason # 3 to go Digital – multiple versions of same box size  

As branding becomes more geographic and market specific, the challenge is how to custom print them without spending thousands of dollars on flexographic print plates for every “version”.

The most obvious example of this is how companies market their product in conjunction with sports teams. Customers in southern California have little interest in New York teams or personalities so companies produce packaging that will appeal in a specific geographic area. Another great example is different flavors, seasonal product shifts, or even for holidays and events. A Valentine’s Day print has little appeal on February 15th.

You can always print a generic box and then customize it with stamps or labels. You see this most often for varying scents, colors, or flavors. That is not only costly, it rarely delivers the look or image desired.

Digital Printing – Varying copy with no print plate costs

The major disadvantage of flexographic printing is that every ink color that is being printed in or out, requires its own print plate. Flexographic plates vary in cost. but we always use $500 as the average anticipated expense.

Different flavors, same brand, Salazar Packaging, e-commerce packagingIf the packaging for every version (size, color, scent, etc.) requires a change of color or copy, a new plate must be produced and used. You can see how this can really add up quickly if a company is producing five or more versions.

Digital printing allows these changes in color or copy to be made electronically so no print plates are required.

Brand Consistency

Just as important as saving money, digital printing makes it easier for companies to maintain their overall brand identity while creating different colors to attract and make it easier for customers to find what they want. We can connect you with a graphic artist who understands this and can help you maximize the impact of your branded, custom printed packaging, at minimal cost.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging, call us at 630-551-1700 or check out our newest website to learn more about how and when digital printing is the best printing option for you.

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