Posted on November 10, 2017 by Dennis Salazar

Buyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

Buyers Guide to Digitally Printed Corrugated E-commerce Boxes

Reason # 1 to go Digital – complex, multicolor graphics  

The most popular reason people decide to go digital with their box printing is a very low minimum. Companies are all over the internet who can digitally print as few as 25 custom printed boxes utilizing their relatively slow printing and converting process. However, that is not what we do. Our digital printing process is designed for higher speeds and larger quantities which results in a lower price per box. Our MOQ varies depending on many factors, but it typically begins at 1,000 boxes.

So, for most of our customers, the number one reason to print digitally is their need to print sophisticated, multi-color designs that simply cannot be run on traditional flexographic equipment. Keeping in mind most designs are created digitally for the internet, they simply cannot be reproduced well using a flexographic print process. It is essentially like trying to reproduce a fine work of art with a box of crayons. Customers are disappointed when they are told they will have to simplify, shadow or “dumb down” their logo or other graphic design component.

Salazar Packaging, e-commerce, digital printingIf you can create it, we can print it!

That sounds like a bold statement but the number of colors and how they are arranged is no longer a concern when printing digitally. With flexographic printing we typically must allow a gap in between two colors to make sure they do not overlap accidentally and create a shadow or third color in the process.

With digital, the more colors the better, whether they are gradients or solids. Spot glosses, textures, and unique patterns and finishes are all very possible and that is where digital wins every time. The images shown on this post are all photographs of actual direct to corrugated board digital printing.

We have created several new resources for anyone interested in digital printing. For a brief look, please check out the digital printing page on this web site. For more, detailed information including a “why digital” and “digital FAQ” page, we recommend you visit our newest website

Salazar packaging, e-commerce, digital printingWe are truly excited to be able to offer this to our clients and customers. We feel it removes any limitations that designers have ever felt printing on a corrugated box. If your goal is to create a truly unique branding experience, or if we have not answered your question, please contact us or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation consultation of your e-commerce box graphic design.

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