Digital Box Printing

Digital Printing of Corrugated Shipping Boxes


Digital printing of corrugated shipping containers may be trending and suddenly very popular but it is not a new printing process. The fact is that digital printing has been around for over ten years but it is only thanks to recent advancements in equipment and ink technology, that digital printing direct to corrugated is affordable and versatile enough to make it a viable option for many customers and applications.


Historically, digital printing has been extremely expensive with very high minimums and unfortunately the quality has not always been as consistent as most customers desired. This opened the door for other printing options such as litho labels (offset printed copy laminated to board) which could deliver high-quality graphics with high MOQ’s and a price tag to match.   


Important note: there are companies out there who do short run digital printing and can run as few as 25 custom printed boxes, and orders in the hundreds are quite possible. However, that is NOT us, at this time.


This will likely change in the future as our capabilities expand but for now our minimum in most cases is 1,000 boxes of the same size. However, that digital minimum can be satisfied with multiple, different copies. Example – 250 of four different flavors, colors, scents, etc. Copy can be easily and inexpensively changed so the MOQ is a combined count of various long as they are the same box size and board specs. (More on this later)

Is digital printing the right and best process for you and your application?


Here are a few examples of ideal applications and situations for our digital current printing capabilities.

  • High quality, multicolor graphics that are impossible or unlikely to be produced using a standard flexographic process such as:
    • 3, 4 or more colors, not easily reproduced on a flexographic press
    • Half tones and gradients such as photo quality images 
  • Single run, “one and done” applications that are not likely to repeat. Promos, gifts, launches, etc.
  • Digital logo required – most logos today are created digitally for digital use on the web. Quite often, they cannot be recreated using a flexographic process.
  • Coatings and finishes – adding a gloss, laminates or other (non-flat) finishes can easily be accomplished at the press. Even spot varnish type finishes. 
  • Various/multiple graphics – These typically require a high minimum per copy. With digital, they can be combined to meet our low (in most cases) 1,000 box MOQ.
Digital Box Printing

Additional information and support for digital printing


We invite you to check out our newest website: for additional information, examples, photos, a helpful FAQ page, as well as our newest blog. We have spent ten years educating customers on flexographic printing so they can make informed decisions. Our goal is to do the same for digital printing.


If you have a question we have not answered, please contact us at 630-551-1700 or email us at [email protected]  Our trained and experienced branded packaging consultants are waiting to help guide you through the increasingly complex maze of corrugated print options.

Digital Box Printing