Posted on August 7, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Best DTC, E-commerce Packaging Photos

New, Never Before Seen E-Commerce Packaging Photos!

If you want to see some great examples of exceptional e-commerce, DTC packaging, you can spend hours on the Internet or you can make a short visit to our gallery at We strive to keep it up to date, showing the latest innovations and trends, and last week we added eight new, never before seen, photos.

DTC box printing is what we do

All three major printing types are shown there, so whether your interest is in flexographic, digital or litho labeled designs, you can see great examples of all three types. We show custom printing on corrugated board as well as examples of paperboard (usually retail) projects. We also show color clusters of blue, red, purple, pastels, and black ink on brown board to name just a few. Many examples of flood coat coverages or reverse out printing and for greener applications, several boxes are printed with minimal white ink on Kraft (brown) board.

We also do amazing e-commerce interior packaging for presentation and protection

RSC boxes with inside and outside print by Salazar PackagingEveryone wants the best possible unboxing experience for their customers. Most agree the worst possible DTC unboxing experience is for the product to arrive damaged or broken. This is a very costly situation and the best outcome for you is to replace the product and to reship at your cost. The worst case is a cancelled order and/or a lost customer.

Interior and protective packaging design is such an important part of what we do, that we had to feature it in our gallery. In addition to your product arriving safely, you also want it presented well. When the customer opens the box, you want your products displayed attractively, not wrapped in bubble or buried under loose fill product.

In our gallery you can also see terrific examples of several of our interior designs. Some of the products are glass and require extra protection, while other are less fragile but are multi-component, so arrangement and display are most important.

Alternatives to our fabulous boxes

If you think boxes are all we do, you would be wrong. Some applications such as apparel are better satisfied with poly mailer or our terrific line of unpadded paper mailers. Other applications require a stiffer, more protective packaging container to avoid bending or damage, so the best solution is our rigid, paperboard mailer envelopes.

There are no set or go-to solutions for us. We work to understand the application and only then make a recommendation based on thousands of designed packages serving a wide variety of customers and markets.

box inserts for any product or applicationVisit our gallery and then contact us with any comments or questions.

Don’t see the specific product you are interested in? In that case, contact us and we will find what you need in the thousands of application photos we have not posted in our gallery. We love hearing “that is EXACTLY what I had in mind”, after we share a design, we think might satisfy their needs. Also, if you found this post interesting and helpful, check out the related posts below.

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