Posted on June 11, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Bring Us Your Most Challenging DTC, E-commerce Applications

Will it ship? Money Tree with no packagingWhy Choose Salazar Packaging?

People ask what sets us aside from other companies now doing e-commerce packaging. Certainly, our excellent customer service team is a primary factor as is our incredible eye for detail and quality. Or maybe it is the experience that we bring to the relationship that makes us a great partner, often saving our clients money and precious time.

If I could only select one thing though, it would probably be our design capabilities, especially in terms of corrugated board inserts to present and protect the product being shipped. We have written many posts about inserts (see “related posts” below) and we have handled applications others have turned away, calling them difficult or impossible. We currently work with over twelve manufacturing partners scattered around the country which means we have over twenty different designers available to us and to our customers. To put it simply, we know who designs what well. The unusual application below is a perfect example.

Live plant DTC packaging application

The Pachira aquatica, also known as the “money tree” is native from central and south American swamps but it has become a USA favorite because it looks great and is relatively easy to grow. Even people like me, totally lacking a green thumb, can grow this very adaptable and forgiving plant.

Recently a customer of ours wanted to send a live money tree plant to their clients but found most of the packaging provided by growers to be unattractive and totally focused on protecting the plant in transit. They sought something that would provide a better, less messy, unboxing experience.

plant in box with insert in placeThe e-commerce challenges

Some of the hurdles were rather obvious, such natural varying product shapes and sizes, and of course we had to prevent the box from getting crushed in shipment. So, we designed a rugged box, with multiple layers of corrugated board where it most needed it. Another concern that was less obvious, was it also had to be easy for the fulfillment company to assemble and use, plus the consumer had to be able to extract the plant without damaging it.

The biggest problem, however, was how the plant could potentially move within the box depending on the angle it was placed at. The loose dirt the tree was planted in, had to remain in the pot, even if the box ended up upside down.

Challenge overcome

The photos included in this post show the money tree without any packaging around it.  The second photo has the plant upright and within the box and insert in place. The third photo shows the box, insert and plant standing upside down. You can see we have totally immobilized the plant in place, reducing the possibility of tree movement and potential damage. If you are familiar with what a box goes through when shipped UPS, USPS or FedEx, you will understand how we can never guarantee safe arrival, but I have to tell you, after many in house drop tests, I like our chances.upside down money tree

No matter what your application or product is, as long as you can meet our 1,000 minimum, we will be glad to take a look at what you want to ship and be able to create a custom box and insert for it.

You can contact us at or call us at 630-551-1700. One of our branded packaging advisors or I will be glad to discuss your needs. As you can see, we enjoy a good challenge and are immensely proud of the positive packaging and results we produce daily.


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