Posted on April 9, 2024 by Michael Boik

4 New Ecommerce Packaging Upgrades/Enhancements

The custom packaging industry is constantly changing/evolving and new technologies and capabilities are revolutionizing the manufacturing processes, in many cases making many aspects more efficient and cost-effective. Think of the ways technology has become more accessible in other industries. Laptops and cell phones used to only be owned by the wealthy and elite, but now practically everyone owns at least one. In much the same way, many of the following packaging processes/technologies were either not available at all, or were only available at high minimums and high costs until recently. By staying ahead of the curve and being aware of the latest and greatest advancements in packaging, you can stand out with custom packaging that outshines your competition, without breaking the bank.


Cold Foil Enhancement

For paperboard/retail packaging, there may be no more impressive feature than cold foil printing. You can see from the images below, that cold foil is truly captivating and eye-catching. For decades, this feature was a separate step in the process from a manufacturing standpoint, meaning added production time, set up time and of course, added cost. Now, due to recent developments, cold foil is an in-line process instead of an additional pre-printing process, meaning it is not only beautiful but also now cost-effective. This distinguishing feature is a graphic designer’s dream, capable of making any image or graphic stand out with shine, sparkle, and a wide variety of colors, patterns or effects.












Free Inside Printing

This is NOT a typo. While it was true for the long history of our company that inside printing was considered an upgrade with an approximate addition of 20-30% to a per box price, now interior printing on die cut mailers is a whole different ballgame. Advancements in printing equipment have allowed inside/outside printing to be completed at the same time, up to multiple colors, leading to cost-savings. If you are still paying a premium for inside printing, share your artwork with us and we will happily let you know how much you could be saving. Also, there has never been a better time to add inside print to an existing exterior print. We can show you how.


Digitally Printed Paper Envelopes

Paper unpadded envelopes have always been extremely popular for their versatility, affordability, sustainability and other factors, but one of the few drawbacks was that they were somewhat limited in how creative they could be graphically. As a flexographic print, a basic 1 or 2 color approach meant that any complex or numerous color graphics needed to pivot the company to using an alternative like rigid mailers or less eco-friendly options like poly mailers. Now that is no longer the case, as for the first time ever, our unpadded paper mailer envelopes can be printed digitally in practically any design or color combination you can imagine. Read more about this capability with the first link under related posts below.


Light-Up Packaging

We are always most intrigued by innovative concepts that are not yet mainstream. At one point, printing on die cut mailers fell under this category, but now it is everywhere you look. Light-up packaging applications are perhaps the next big trend to catch on, and there are a wide variety of ways they can be creatively implemented into many packaging products. Please read the third link under related posts below or contact us to find out more about this exciting new development.

light up packaging

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