Posted on May 11, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

Three Great Reasons to Print Your Boxes Rather than Use Labels for E-commerce Branding

Why Box Printing is a Better Option

To be fair, there are some situations when labels are the best option, but it truly is rare. If you are considering changing your brand, or perhaps you are using several different names and graphics for the same products as in “private labeling”.

However, in most cases, custom printed boxes can deliver a tremendous savings compared to hand applying preprinted labels. Here are a few reasons why we believe box printing is a better option.

  1. Total DTC e-commerce box cost

Custom printing a box adds virtually no cost to the box if you only print the outside with one or two basic colors. Labels, on the other hand can get very expensive, depending on the printing, the material/adhesive, and of course the quantity ordered. Printing your boxes will likely require a onetime expense for a custom print plate but eliminating the label will quickly offset that forever cost.

  1. High cost of hand applying labels.

If you are doing your own packing and shipping you probably know manually applying labels is a tedious process that is certain to slow your packing operation. It takes time to do it right and if you are working with a co-packer or fulfillment operation, they may charge you fifty cents or more for that additional service.

  1. Box printing provides attractive, consistent appearance.

If you have ever seen a stack of labeled boxes, you are sure to see a great variance of how the label has been applied. Some are a little high, others are a little low. Some are straight, some are tilted. Some are nice and flat, while others may be wrinkled. No matter how good or how careful the person is who is applying the labels, it is almost impossible to be consistent. Printing tolerance is typically plus or minus 1/8” or less so each box looks exactly like the one before and after it.

Reducing your DTC box cost while improving the look  

Are you still applying labels for your branding? Even though some people start out that way, if you are shipping anything close to 500 boxes per month, you can probably save a substantial amount of money by printing your boxes.

Please visit our gallery and see some of the amazing things we are doing using one or two colors of ink. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this web site. We are eager to discuss your needs and help you determine the best path forward. There is no cost and no obligation for the time or expert advice.

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