Posted on February 24, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

2021 E-commerce Packaging Graphic Design Trends for Boxes

Design Trend Forecast

One of the pleasures of being a leading producer of DTC branded packaging boxes is seeing what is hot and what is not in graphic designs. For example, for a while everyone was using Chevron designs. Later, pastel colors were in demand, so the only thing you can be sure of is that one trend is always replaced and followed by another. I’m not sure Chevron will ever make a return, but I won’t be surprised if it does.

Random Repeat Interior Box Graphics

The truth is that we have been printing this type of interior box design for over a decade but recently they have been growing wildly in popularity. They are eye catching, unique and very memorable. They can be soft and subtle or bright and bold. No two patterns are the same, so your unboxing experience is as upscale and special as the products you are shipping.

Classy, subtle inside prints design by Salazar PackagingThe newest interior random repeat design we just created is for the nice people at Limeberry Designs, sellers of trendy clothing for women and kids. They initially wanted a basic shipper with exterior print for their new subscription box program. However, after visiting our facility in Oswego, Illinois and seeing what we we’ve done for other companies, they decided to do a beautiful interior random print design. If you look closely, it is a replica of their logo repeated across the entire interior.

If you are ready for your first custom printed, DTC shipper, or if your old boring box needs upgrading and re-design, let us know. We help create packaging magic hundreds of times per year, producing millions of great looking boxes for companies just like yours.Even RSC boxes can be printed inside

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