Posted on December 8, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

The Four Most Important Factors in DTC, E-Commerce Packaging

custom printed boxes by Salazar PackagingIt Starts With Your Packaging Needs

We have been making outstanding e-commerce packaging for over 13 years and can promise you that what is most important to us is whatever is most important to you. For example, if your product and packaging weight is hovering around one pound, the greatest concern might be minimizing the weight for shipping cost savings. For many start-ups, balancing packaging design desires and budgetary cost limitations may be the priority.

Requirements and circumstances may vary but after producing millions of boxes for thousands of projects and customers, our primary focus and objectives are as follows:

  • Product presentation – when your DTC box is opened by your customer or subscriber, they should be impressed. People prefer an unobstructed, clean look without a lot of messy void fill or wrapping materials.
  • Product security and safety – as we often say, the best presentation is a product that arrives safely in one piece. Returns and exchanges are costly so doing it right the first time is the best way.Inside prints that impress! e-commerce packaging by Salazar Packaging
  • Packaging assembly and packing – most of our customers use fulfillment operations to pick and pack their orders. They charge for everything including internal packaging assembly and stocking of components. So, we understand the benefit of making our designs easy to work and minimizing packaging SKU’s.
  • Sustainability – We were green before it became trendy, and we understand everyone’s environmental focus varies. Whether your concern is recyclability or the recycled content of your DTC, e-commerce packaging, we can help you accomplish your sustainability goals.


After thirteen years of making millions of boxes for hundreds of customers, the questions, concerns, and applications are similar but not identical. The greatest thing we bring to our customers and clients is experience. What we have learned creating packaging for glass candles can easily be applied to shipping jars of honey. Hot sauce and wine bottles are not that different, only the scale and weight.

Custom packaging inserts for e-commerce by Salazar PackagingLook at some of our most unusual designs and applications in our gallery and you will see we rarely say it can’t be done. Contact us or call us at 630-551-1700 if you have any questions, a new packaging design, or perhaps a redesign in mind. Our trained and experienced branded packaging advisors are waiting to help you achieve your specific goals.


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