Posted on May 9, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

Sealable, Easy Open Features on D2C e-commerce shipping boxes

I should probably thank USPS for the continued interest in e-commerce boxes that have a peel and seal adhesive strip and an easy open perforated tear strip, because they have been offering these to the public for years. After all, many of the people we work with launched their internet companies using those “free” USPS boxes. So, when they grow and move to our custom branded boxes, they miss the speed and convenience of the USPS boxes with those specific features.

What’s wrong with using USPS e-commerce boxes?

If you are interested in promoting your brand, rather than USPS’s brand, you need a company like ours that can provide beautiful branded boxes with your logo and colors printed on them. In addition, USPS will not make a custom size for you and they don’t offer protective, display inserts which is what we specialize in. No need for extra void fill material to prevent the product from rattling around loose in an oversized box. The benefits of right sizing are numerous as detailed in this linked post.

However, the best reason for using a custom printed mailer box is that (depending on what you are shipping and how much it weighs) you avoid paying a premium for their “free” box. The first related post below details the shipping cost difference between a free USPS flat rate box and our own version that we call a Light Rate box. Generally, the lighter the product being shipped, the more expensive a flat rate box becomes. The heavier the product, the better deal is the flat rate box.

The last issue I have with USPS boxes is they don’t always present well. End load cartons require the product be stuffed into a small opening at either end. Our die cut boxes open as presentation boxes with an attached, hinged lid allowing the product to be displayed, enhancing the consumers “unboxing experience”.

What is the value of peel and seal and easy open strips on a mailer box?

self closing, easy open mailerFor people who don’t like to mess with tape and are not eager to cover their graphics with any type of box sealing tape, the value of a peel and seal adhesive strip is substantial. For packers, the time saved can be as much as 20 to 30% per box. That is meaningful whether your own people do the packing and sealing or if you are utilizing a fulfillment operation to package and ship your orders. These boxes tend to be more secure and not as easy to tamper or pilfer the contents.

Of course, if you seal a box that securely, the problem for the recipient is opening it, ideally without a knife or scissors. Our reinforced pull tab (easy open perf) makes opening the box quick and safe.

Send and return, two-way DTC mailer boxes

Another great advantage of a custom box with this type of design is that an additional adhesive strip can be applied to the box, one below and one above the easy open perf. The consumer can open the box and then reuse the same box for a return trip to the shipper. This is great for product returns, exchanges, repairs, etc.

The details

Our Globe Guard® peel and seal mailers have a 1,000 MOQ just like our standard mailers. Though when we quote them, due to costly set up time, you will see a substantial savings at 2,000 or 3,000 boxes. Since they are custom, not stock, virtually any size or style can be made for your specific application but may require a onetime cost for a custom cutting die.

Keep in mind that some of these unique features are also available on our unpadded paper mailers and rigid paperboard mailers. So, if you really don’t need a box, we may have an alternate solution available for you.

You can contact us via or call us at 630-551-1700. Our experienced branded packaging advisors will be glad to help you determine if our peel and seal mailer boxes are a good packaging option for you.

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