Posted on April 13, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

How to Reduce the Cost of E-commerce (D2C) Shipping Boxes

How to Reduce the Cost of E-commerce (D2C) Shipping Boxes

Print on Kraft boxes, e-commerce boxes, Salazar packaging, shipping boxes, subscription packagingIf you have not heard, a corrugated price increase has been announced and will be effective within the next few weeks. As a result, customers are looking for ways to minimize and even reduce the cost of their e-commerce boxes. Here are a few suggestions of how we can help you accomplish that:

Eliminate inside printing – in many cases, any type of inside print adds 20 to 30% to the cost of any die cut box. Eliminating inside print initially or temporarily can result in an immediate cost reduction. Keep in mind you can always add/resume inside printing when your volume makes it more feasible, economically.

Kraft versus white corrugated – White board is usually 5 to 6% more expensive PER SIDE (in and out) compared to corrugated (brown) board so if your graphic design permits it, a savings of 10 to 12% can be anticipated.

Right sizing your packaging – Most people initially order boxes that prove to be too large in normal use. That “just in case” box size approach is costly in many ways including in and out shipping, as well as storage. This is a good time to review your sizing and consider reducing it.

Are you using the correct process for your graphic design? – Many people start out with short run digital because initially they were only ordering a few hundred boxes. As your volume grows, flexographic printing for example – can dramatically reduce your box cost.

Increase your order size – Compared to a 1,000-box order (our MOQ), a 2,000-box order is typically over 20% less expensive. If you have the storage space, the resulting freight savings can be substantial as well as the lower box cost.

One solution - size appropriate boxes, e-commerce boxes, Salazar packaging, subscription packagingWhat does NOT reduce your box cost.

Reducing ink coverage or even the number of ink colors used on your graphic design. Fewer colors does mean fewer plates but that is a onetime cost. However, whether we use a teaspoon or table spoon of ink on your box, really does not impact your cost much at all.

A related question is, “Can I save money if I only print two sides of the box?” Keep in mind that at lower quantity order volumes, set up cost is much more critical than material/ink costs, so the percentage of ink coverage is relatively insignificant.

No cost, no obligation review

Whether we are your supplier or someone else is, please allow one of our branded packaging advisors to review and update where you are today and suggest any possible changes. If your business is a year old or ten years old, we can help you make sure your packaging is as up to date as your marketing and web site. Take this from a company that is eleven years old and has rebranded twice since our start-up days.

Please call us at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar Packaging so we can help you reduce cost and increase the impact of your packaging.


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