Posted on January 6, 2022 by Dennis Salazar

Redesign Your DTC- e-Commerce Shipping Box in 2022!

Is creating better e-commerce packaging for your customers a New Year’s Resolution?

Now that the crazy 2021 DTC season is behind us there is no better time to make this happen.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a tweak or a complete facelift for your DTC packaging. These may include:

  • Your look is stale. It looked great in 2018 or 2019 when you first launched but now it simply blends with everything and everyone else. New competitors’ packaging looks modern and bright compared to your packaging.
  • Your colors are out of style. It happens, as the first “Related Post” below describes.
  • Your company and website have changed over time, but your packaging has not. Are you still accurately communicating who you are?
  • You have a messy, costly void fill that doesn’t show off your product.
  • Your packaging is not as green and sustainable as it should be.


Not all packaging redesign motivators are esthetic. Sometimes they are due to more practical and cost-driven reasons:adding inside print for a great, new look by Salazar Packaging

  • Have your product dimensions or shape changed?
  • Have the most popular product count and assortments changed over time?
  • Your damage rate has crept up and the cost of replacing damaged product has reached an unacceptable level.
  • The three industry price increases in 2021 forced you to consider lower-cost alternatives. Is reducing the board thickness an option? Can a redesign reduce the amount of corrugated you use per package?
  • Have your packaging/fulfillment costs increased? Can a design that is easier to assemble and pack save you money?
  • Has your shipping cost increased due to your product and packaging size and/or weight?


DTC Packaging Redesign case study and example:

One of our favorite and oldest customers (a name you would instantly recognize) had a problem, requiring an emergency packaging redesign. The product consisted of two large plastic bottles in a shipper box along with some other, smaller accessories. To make their product more environmentally friendly, they changed the bottles to aluminum. That was a great idea, but unfortunately, it increased the total shipping weight from fifteen ounces to eighteen ounces. That does not sound like much but in this case, crossing the one-pound weight limit increased the shipping cost by a whopping two dollars per box. That is a big-time problem when you ship thousands of boxes per day.

We totally redesigned the shipper box and insert taking every single unnecessary square inch of corrugated out of the package. When we reduced the size of the insert, we were able to reduce the size of the corrugated shipper, bringing the total package weight to just under fourteen ounces, giving our customer a little breathing room in case there were any additional product weight variations or changes.

First step in an e-commerce package redesign

To get started, find someone you trust who has the experience and credentials to help you through the process.the next level in DTC packaging by Salazar Packaging

We help hundreds of customers create new packaging or redesign existing packaging every single year. It is usually much more than simply changing the ink color. We look at a redesign as an opportunity because it represents a “do-over” of sorts. Your business has grown, changed, and you have learned much about your products and more importantly about your customers. 2022 can be the year when you update and upgrade your packaging for better customer acquisition and retention.

Contact us at this website or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no-cost, no-obligation review of what you would like to accomplish this new year. We will gladly apply our decades of experience as well as what we have learned producing millions of boxes annually. Visit our gallery to see a small sample of the work we have done.

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