Posted on June 11, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Printed Water Activated Tape is Creative, Sustainable Packaging at its Best


What do a West Coast oyster farm, a Wisconsin maker of fine cutting tools, a creative designer of green products for the office and unique online green products store, all have in common? They all decided to combine unprinted boxes with custom printed tape to –

  • Communicate their green brands
  • Make their secondary packaging as eco friendly as possible
  • Reduce their packaging costs


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The Benefits of Printed Water Activated Tape

  • It is colorful, stands out and your customers remember your message, logo, and brand
  • It is a much less expensive branding alternative to costly custom printed boxes
  • It has a high green perception rating from even casual observers and customers
  • It’s a paper product so no stripping of plastic tape is necessary before recycling the corrugated box
  • It bonds better to the box making it safer, more rigid and much more secure because it prevents tampering and pilferage

Sustainable Packaging Is Creative?

Yes it can be.  Take a look at what these terrific customers decided to do to convey a consistent and memorable image.

  • opted for the use of two custom PMS colors to make sure their tape matched their other materials, perfectly! Even though we have eleven “standard” colors, sometimes that is simply not enough.
  • is a terrific restaurant and bar in San Francisco that will ship delicious oysters to your door. They chose to make a memorable impression by printing their logo and brand vertically on the tape.
  • Bad Axe Tool Works went with a basic black version of their logo that is almost as sharp as the cutting tools they make. They are an extraordinary company with an interesting website and now a logo that looks great on every package they ship out.
  • went with what else, green. Their logo includes the profile of Rodin’s famous “Thinker” and they wanted to make sure to maintain that in their secondary packaging. Check out their website to see a variety of great recycled materials signs designed to make everyone think green.

We are very proud of our customers and of the guidance and products we provide them to help them be eco-consistent. Printed, water activated tape is more than eco friendly box sealing tape, it is branding that your customers will remember.

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