Posted on November 11, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

Plainfield, Illinois – DTC Packaging Powerhouse

Plainfield, Illinois is our hometown where my wife/partner and I have lived for twenty years, and where we started our business over twelve years ago. It is a typical Midwestern town filled with mostly nice people, great schools, and many small retail businesses on our always busy Main Street and surrounding “downtown” area.

The retail businesses include two very well-known stores. Krema Coffee House is an incredibly popular coffee shop on Main Street where my coffee addict wife swears she has enjoyed the best cup of coffee ever and Peter Rubi, a standing room only produce market where you can get some terrific deals on veggies, fruit, as well as other healthy foods and snacks. Both companies deserve and have enjoyed long term success and are beloved anchors in our community.

Why are they the subject of this blog post? We recently had the privilege of creating DTC (direct to consumer) boxes for both retail businesses.

Peter Rubi is making and shipping gift boxes filled with their many delicious, healthy goodies. They are a great personal and corporate gift idea, especially with the holiday season coming up. Check out their web site and see some of the great products and deals they are offering.

For their box, they chose the very popular white ink on Kraft board look, which aligns with their natural, healthy look and lifestyle.

Krema is going to promote their gift boxes of the great coffee at their popular coffee shop and of course online. They decided to go with a black on Kraft look that always looks great and does an excellent job of showing off their unique, eye catching graphic design.



Changing Markets and Packaging

Is Plainfield, IL ever going to be the center of the packaging universe? Probably not, but here is what I can tell you for sure:

Everyone wants to increase their sales and expand their markets. You see web-based businesses opening brick and mortar retail stores or creating partnerships with retailers. While the people who originally started in retail realize they too can now easily sell their products on the internet.

Now these two excellent local businesses can promote and sell their products coast to coast if not overseas. With our help, they also have attractive packaging that is sure to create a positive unboxing experience and ensure the product arrives in good condition. As the first “related post” link below states, balancing presentation versus protection is what we do. However, if we don’t believe your products are going to look good when they arrive, we will tell you and are very likely to not take on the job.

Contact us at, check out the gallery and the other posts in this blog; or call us at 630-551-1700. The search window on the right side of the blog home page allows you to type in any specific area of interest and we are likely to have written multiple blog posts on that very topic.

It may be your first venture into e-commerce packaging, but we assure you it is not ours. And don’t forget our new friends at Peter Rubi and Krema Coffee. Both offer some great holiday gift options for everyone on your list.

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