Posted on August 2, 2017 by Dennis Salazar

Packaging That Communicates

Packaging That Communicates

For us it is more than a tag line or slogan, it is what we believe and our primary objective on every order we accept. We appreciate packaging that does this well, even if we are not the manufacturer. What does your packaging say about you? Please see the photos included in this post for a great example of branded packaging done well!

Happy Eggs? 

We are not in the molded pulp egg tray business, but we love the packaging for this new brand of eggs my wife/partner just picked up at the local grocery store. You can imagine how the unique color stands out on a shelf full of natural (boring) color molded trays, foam and pulp alike. The Happy Egg people are not afraid of color and for little additional cost, created a bright yellow, very eye-catching container that truly pops off the shelf.

To communicate the necessary foo

d details as well as their branding message, they opted for a full color label applied to the outside that lists all the required information and explains why their hens are so happy and lay better quality eggs.

Happy Egg exterior

But wait, there’s more!

Just like the surprise bonus ending at the end of an otherwise routine TV commercial, the Happy Egg Company took advantage of the inside lid (others typically leave blank) and applied an additional full color label. In case you missed the message outside, the inside shows a chart comparing space per hen in their process compared to others. Happy hens apparently lay better quality eggs and theirs are the happiest.

What is the message of your packaging?

Is your message as obvious and clear as that of the Happy Egg Company? As e-commerce packaging continues to compete and be compared to retail packaging, we can learn a lot from this application.

  • Focus on what you want your customer to remember
  • Don’t shy away from being different or colorful
  • Take advantage of every available space
  • Do not hesitate to repeat your message, differently each time.

Happy Egg Company molded pulp interior

Many people make the mistake of assuming great e-commerce packaging is expensive but it does not have to be. Check out our gallery to see a great selection of attractive, attention grabbing boxes and here is our surprise ending – nearly all of them are basic one or two colors, flexographic printing, which is the least expensive printing available.

If, however you need something beyond flexographic, we are also experienced and can help you with your litho label or digital printed design as well. There is literally nothing you can imagine and that we cannot recreate on your packaging.

Regardless of the process or medium used, we will deliver a great looking package at the lowest possible cost per unit. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at Salazar Packaging to discuss how we can make you and your packaging as happy as the Happy Egg Company hens!

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