Posted on October 31, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

Juice Served Here Chooses Salazar Packaging for Custom Delivery Boxes

If you made some of the most delicious and healthy juices available anywhere, what type of packaging would you use? Obviously it would have to be ecofriendly (non-plastic) so glass bottles would be ideal as the primary container. However for all its benefits, glass can be fragile and somewhat heavy. So the people at Juice Served Here selected Salazar Packaging to help them design the perfect corrugated box to contain the bottles for handling and delivery.

About Juice Served Here

Their juices are raw, organic and cold pressed, meaning they are not pasteurized, a commonly used process that unfortunately kills some of the important micronutrients and live enzymes that natural juice provides. Juice Served Here also sources their food ingredients locally whenever possible for freshness. They operate a convenient commissary in Los Angeles, CA, and an efficient home or office local delJuice Served Here glass bottlesivery system as well. This enables them to provide the best possible taste, and optimum nutritional benefits to their customers. Whether the juices are being used as a healthier alternative to commercially available juices, or as a part of a detox or cleansing program, Juice Served Here knows how to deliver the best.

About Their Packaging

Part of delivering the best was designing the right containers for their retail and home delivery program. The Globe Guard® box we helped them design includes heavy duty corrugated board to handle the weight of up to eight filled, small, glass bottles. We also recommended interior ecofriendly water resistant coating to guard against moisture or condensation.

Of course functionally, the box also had to include custom fit partitions to separate the glass bottles, as well as a secure locking tab, and access holes to make it easier to lift and carry. Last but not least, it also had to look sharp with a clean white finish on the outside, bold black graphics and their trademark fluorescent orange bottle cap on their logo.

BTW, for regular customers they also offer a great recycling program, enabling them to minimize waste, reduce cost and stay consistent with their mission.

Few Packaging Designs are Identical…

…because few applications are identical. For customers needing stock packaging in small quantities, we offer our selection of different products on our green packaging store:  For customers like Juice Served Here, no “off the shelf” solution will do the job, so we are pleased to share our experience and design expertise to help our customers identify packaging solutions that are ecofriendly, effective and affordable. Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a free review of your custom packaging needs.

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