Eco-Friendly Custom Sustainable Products

Our tag line is “Packaging that Communicates” and we truly believe that every e-commerce box that is shipped does represent and say something about the company who shipped it.  We also believe it says something about the company who provided it to you as well. Perhaps that is why we are totally committed to sustainability, quality, and color consistency. That is what enables us to deliver boxes that are the same from one shipment to another, helping you to maintain your brand identity.



The distinct difference between us and others is our focus of utilizing sustainable materials with minimal waste and maximum recyclability. The other thing that makes us stand out in an ever-growing e-commerce packaging market is our ability to combine multiple materials to accomplish your objectives. We do some unusual things such as minimizing the use of plastic or foam and to create packaging that is 100% eco-friendly and 100% recyclable with a recycled content that ranges from 35% to 100% recycled content. Here are a few other custom packaging solutions and products that are both environmentally friendly and designed specifically for YOUR application.



Here are just a few of the ways we can save you time and money with our innovative packaging designs we can produce for you and your products.

custom recyclable packaging

Combining flexographic and digital printing

Everyone knows digital printing can be beautiful but expensive. We always guide you toward the best and least expensive solution.

custom recyclable packaging

Peel and Seal Adhesive Designs

Security and ease of opening for your customer with our peel and seal adhesive designs combined with our easy open tear strip. These provide pilferage resistance as well as tamper evidence for items like pharmaceuticals, or more recently CBD and THC type products.

custom recyclable packaging

Custom Inserts for Any Application

Delivering protection and presentation for your unboxing experience, with eco-friendly materials

custom recyclable packaging

Inside and Outside Print

Available on a die cut mailer OR an RSC style box SIMULTANIOUSLY with one pass through the machine. That results in a lower cost per box, compared to doing the same thing in two steps and different passes.

custom recyclable packaging

Combining Materials for Primary and Secondary Packaging

Examples are primary paperboard rigid boxes for presentation and corrugated shipper boxes for protection during direct to consumer (DTC) shipping

custom recyclable packaging

Experience to Reduce your “To Market” Time and Expense

We have done so many boxes for such a wide variety of applications that we are almost certain to have done something similar before helping us on your application. For example, a water bottle application, helped us to do a brandy bottle shipper, which ultimately, we modified to also accommodate our new Globe Guard® Wine Shipper.

We are a unique company with unique capabilities. While other companies are focused on mass production of basic packaging boxes, we are not unwilling or unable to take on the difficult application, others turn away.



What does your packaging say about you?