Posted on November 20, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Internal, Protective Packaging for E-commerce Beyond Inserts

Success in any area of packaging can be a bit of a blessing and a curse. We are so well known for the beautiful die cut mailers we make that people forget we also offer mailer envelopes and RSC style boxes. The same holds true of internal inserts and dividers for presentation and for protection. You can see many examples of our die cut inserts on our gallery. Our reputation in this area is so positive and well known that many people don’t realize we also work with other paper based, eco-friendly “engineered” materials that are application specific.

What are engineered materials for e-commerce?

This packaging option comes in many forms but in most cases, it is multiple layers of a paper substrate, laminated together for extra strength and more efficient packaging. It is often used for edge or corner protection for products that are either too large or too heavy for more standard internal packaging solutions. The fact is that many of these products are not “pretty”. They tend to be rugged and beefy but they protect products like nothing else can, such as multiple layers of foam or bubble.

Two great, protection focused examples

The first photo shows a U-channel for a decorative, valuable box being shipped. Presentation is always important but, in this case, the most important thing is protecting the gift box from damage or scuffing. The channel provides an air cell under and over the box in case it is dropped, and we added a soft inner liner to prevent abrasion on the decorative gift box. Packaging is literally a snap, reducing packing costs.

Wrap around packaging for protection by Salazar PackagingThe second application was a little more challenging because of the variety of sizes and the weight of these very heavy, very dense cast iron lids for pots and skillets. The material we used is heavy paper, laminated together, creating a multi-layer substrate. The inner layers of the material can be cut or notched so the product being shipped is locked in place and has nowhere to go. In this case, we also designed an end load full overlap (FOL) box that is approximately half the cost of the much more expensive die cut mailer.

Let the DTC application and product determine the solution

This is the mantra of our branded packaging advisors who look at your needs, not just from an esthetic perspective but the whole application. We consider packing time and cost, shipping costs (inbound and out bound), relative “greenness” and obviously, protecting the product so it arrives undamaged. We understand that a broken or damaged product is the worst unboxing experience of all.

Lid packed in lower cost end load FOL by Salazar PackagingIf this is your first package design, don’t worry, it is not the first time for us. After hundreds of new applications and millions of boxes produced every year, it is highly likely that we have done something similar sometime during the last 13 years. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at for a free, no cost, no obligation application review.

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