Posted on August 23, 2023 by Dennis Salazar

Holiday E-Commerce Boxes? It’s not too late nor too soon!

I think most people will agree that 2023 has been an unpredictable year. Most companies we know suffered a first quarter that ranged from dismal to nearly disastrous. Fortunately, almost everyone has bounced back with a good second quarter, and most are very optimistic about third quarter results.

With all of the hard work, scrambling and distractions, many people suddenly realize that the holiday season is only a few months away. Here is the good news, it is not too late, and certainly not too early to order your holiday boxes.

Holiday DTC Boxes Ready to Go

It may only be mid-August but several of our customers have already designed, ordered and received their holiday boxes. Those festive shipping containers are stored in a warehouse waiting to be used. In some cases, these early bird companies are those who have been burned in the past, when they tried to place a rush order for custom printed packaging at the busiest time of the year. Others look at this most erratic year and worry about what the fourth quarter will be like in terms of pricing and delivery.

Whatever their motivation, the good news is that you can still be ahead of the crowd if you begin the order process by the end of August.

Is It Too Late to Begin the Order Process

Not yet, but it mostly depends on how long it will take for you and your team to sign off on the various, necessary approvals. We work hard to make sure our customers do not experience any unexpected or unpleasant surprises. So, you will approve the structural design, board grade, color swatches, and a print card and/or proof to confirm your graphic design. That may sound like a lot of approvals, but they are necessary to make sure you are happy with the finished product. We can generate all of these rather quickly and get them to you right away so the ball will ultimately end up in your court.

I have said this many times over the course of 17 years, but the only customers we have ever had, who are unhappy with the results, are those who rushed through the review and approval process and signed off without really looking at the info we provide. If everything is in order, and approved, our typical lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.

A few common FAQ’s about custom printed packaging, especially holiday packaging.


Christmas Boxes

Do you have any stock, holiday prints?

On some forms of packaging (holiday shopping bags for example) there are stock prints available but nothing we offer. Everything we do is custom and printed just for you.


Can we get it faster if we pay an order expediting fee?

We have NEVER asked any customer to pay that and never will. It is simply unfair to the customers who are ahead of them in the production schedule. We will always work to complete your order as quickly as possible, without an additional fee or delay for anyone else.


Will minimizing the printing help to reduce lead times?

Unfortunately, not. Once we get your order in production, whether we print one or two colors, have 30% or 100% ink coverage, or print one or both sides, the running time is really the same. The equipment we use is designed to eliminate and minimize production delays.


What is the latest I can order holiday boxes and have them by December 1st?

If you have all your artwork and details ready to go, November 1st is probably doable. However, please keep in mind the two-day Thanksgiving holiday results in one 3-day work week which shortens the November production schedule to only 20 production days. And don’t forget shipping time that can add anywhere from one to five days.

One of the things we can guarantee you is total and complete honesty. We will not make a promise we know we can’t keep, just to secure an order. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via this web site. Tell us what you need and one of our trained, experienced branded packaging advisors will do everything possible to produce and deliver on time.

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