Posted on May 23, 2012 by Dennis Salazar

Green packaging Solution – How to Add Brand Value and Effectiveness with Low- Cost Custom Printed Paper Tape

Our customers understand how branding can help them get their message across and create a positive and memorable impression via their packaging. One of the most popular products we offer that helps them accomplish that is custom printed, water activated paper tape. Not only is it green, it also provides a marvelous printing surface for your logo or message and there are a couple of things we can do to make your tape even better:

Custom Printed Tape – Color Matching

Even though we offer a dozen standard colors that satisfy most needs we can also color match any PMS specific color or multiple colors. The Cleverly tape shown in the photograph is a great example because in their case, they use two attractive colors to create their brand, but they are also very unusual and specific. When “close” is simply not good enough, all we need is a sample or PMS number to work with and we can match any color you might want or need.

Custom Printed Tape – Color Screening.

The screening process simply means less ink is applied in various areas of the print plate, creating a different shade or shades of the same color. It is an inexpensive way to create multiple colors out of one ink color, saving money on the product and on plate or processing charges. It is also a very neat way to create contrast in colors and an eye-catching unique look that stands out. The photo showing the tape we recently did for Green Apple is an example of how screening can be used. In this case multiple shades of the same green were used to create the continents on the globe within the apple.

Many Packaging Products – Endless Branding Possibilities

We can apply these and other techniques to almost all of our custom printed packaging products including RSC boxes, mailer boxes, and mailer envelopes. If there is a message or impression you want to make, we can help you accomplish it with green products and at minimal cost.

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