Posted on April 11, 2022 by Dennis Salazar

Great E-commerce Packaging begins with Great Customer Service

Talk directly to a real person who will answer your packaging questions.

We can all agree there is nothing more frustrating than trying to verbally communicate with a company that obviously does not want a direct, person-to-person conversation. I realize there are people who really don’t like to speak with other people. That’s not me, but I get it and I don’t know anyone who became more outgoing post-pandemic.

One popular packaging website offers a “contact us” page with no phone number. That number can be found on their website, if you scroll to the very bottom of the home page to find it in tiny font, seemingly hidden from the customer.

What makes Salazar Packaging different than most?

We have friendly, trained, branded packaging advisors who love to help people. Voice to voice is their preference because that enables them to learn more about the application and answer any questions you may have.

Also, they are not commissioned salespeople; they are paid whether or not you buy our products. That allows them to be totally focused on your needs, not their own. They work in conjunction with our customer experience team and together their only objective is to make sure you are 100% pleased with the end result.

Is e-commerce packaging really that complex?

We are happy to talk with you at Salazar Packaging!We have spent over fifteen years making sustainable and branded DTC packaging easier to understand. This recent post covers some of the pitfalls you will probably run into.

We feel the better you understand the process the less likely you are to make a bad choice. It is neither science nor art, but depending on your needs, it is a combination of the two. Science provides the protection and structural integrity, while the unboxing experience and graphics are typically the art that makes your box memorable and provides that “Gram” moment.

We make and sell boxes, but what we are really providing our customers is a quality service, before and after their packaging is produced. That old fashion type of service that leaves you smiling because you feel like someone has taken the time to understand your needs.

Contact us through this website, or better yet, give us a call at 630-551-1700. Don’t be surprised if you end up speaking with me, because after a few decades in the industry, that is still my favorite thing to do.

Dennis Salazar – CEO and Co-founder


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